World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the global forum for intellectual property policy, services, information and cooperation.

Intellectual property is improving the lives of everyone, everywhere

Creators and innovators worldwide use IP to translate their ideas into assets. These properties create economic and social benefits that improve the lives of people everywhere.

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Intellectual property knowledge, data and services are adding value around the globe

Our IP protection services are easy to use and an effective way to get your IP registered across borders. Our data and knowledge resources help create a better understanding of IP.

Bringing people together to help shape the future of intellectual property worldwide

We set IP norms and standards, and serve as a global forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices. Together with our partners, we address complex global challenges in which IP plays an important role.

WIPO Meetings

We unite the global community to proactively address emerging issues and policy challenges to do with IP, innovation and creativity.

We use these meetings to exchange information and experiences that help us create a deeper understanding of emerging and complex IP issues.


WIPO GREEN connects the technology and service providers of green technology with those seeking innovative, environmental solutions.

WIPO for Creators

WIPO for Creators is an open public-private partnership between WIPO and the Music Rights Awareness Foundation to create awareness and a better understanding of creators’ rights.


The Accessible Books Consortium helps increase the number of books in accessible format worldwide in support of people who are blind or visually impaired.


The Patent Information Initiative for Medicines (Pat-INFORMED) provides easy access to medicine patent information to the health community worldwide.

Intellectual property is a powerful tool for growth and sustainable development

IP empowers people. It’s an enabler with the means to create jobs, grow enterprises, develop economies and add social vibrancy. We help our Member States use IP to grow and develop.

WIPO Academy

The WIPO Academy is our center of excellence where we educate and upskill WIPO member states on IP. We focus particularly on least-developed countries, developing countries and countries in transition to help build human capacity in IP, which is essential to innovation and creativity.

Sign up for WIPO Academy distance learning or face-to-face courses all year round.

Inventor Assistance Program

The IAP supports inventors and small businesses with limited resources transform their innovation into commercial assets.

Sustainable Development Goals

Join us on a visual exploration of how WIPO and the SDGs are connected and how IP can drive development and help tackle global challenges.

Technology and Innovation Support Centers

WIPO TISCs gives innovators in developing countries access to high quality technology information and related services.

Development Agenda Projects

The WIPO Development Agenda ensures that development considerations remain an integral part of WIPO’s work.