World Intellectual Property Organization

PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

as in force from July 1, 2013


Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: General

Chapter III: National Security Clearance

Chapter IV: Article 11(1) Check; Requirements for International Filing Date

Chapter V: Language Check (Article 3(4)(i); Rules 12.1, 12.3, 12.4 and 26.3ter)

Chapter VI: Article 14 Check and Other Formal Requirements

  • Writing of Text Matter
  • Requirements Concerning Margins
  • Line Numbering Sequence
  • Other Physical Requirements Concerning Text
  • Drawings and Photographs 
  • Chapter VIbis: Requests in PCT-EASY Format

    Chapter VII: Priority Claims and Priority Documents

    Chapter VIIbis: Declarations Relating to National Requirements

    Chapter VIII: Missing Parts in the International Application 

    Substitute Sheets under Rule 26 and Other Replacement Sheets

    Chapter IX: Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Listing

    Chapter X: References to Deposited Microorganisms or Other Biological Material

    Chapter XI: Fees

    Chapter XII: Transmittal of International Application to International Bureau as Receiving Office (Rule 19.4)

    Chapter XIII: Record Copy, Search Copy and Home Copy

    Chapter XIV: [Deleted]

    Chapter XV: Rectification of Obvious Mistakes under Rule 91

    Chapter XVI: Changes Concerning the Applicant, Inventor, Agent or Common Representative

    Chapter XVII: Withdrawal of the International Application, Any Designation or Any Priority Claim

    Chapter XVIII: Items to Be Transmitted to Another Authority

    Chapter XIX: Miscellaneous

    Annex A: Transfer of Fees

    Annex B: Examples of Typical Defects in the Request and Corrections Thereof 

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