World Intellectual Property Organization

PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter VI: Article 14 Check and Other Formal Requirements


147. The receiving Office checks whether the application contains an abstract as provided for in Article 14(1)(a)(iv) but not whether the abstract complies with Rule 8 (in particular, it is not the receiving Office’s responsibility to check whether the abstract contains more than 150 words in English or when translated into English). If the receiving Office invites (Form PCT/RO/106) the applicant to furnish a missing abstract, it notifies the International Bureau and also the International Searching Authority accordingly (Rule 38.1 and paragraph 153). If a request in PCT EASY format is filed, together with a computer diskette, with a receiving Office which is prepared to accept the filing of the request in that format, the receiving Office also checks that the diskette contains a copy of the abstract in electronic form (paragraphs 165A and 165G).

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