PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter XIX: Miscellaneous

Completion of Technical Preparations for International Publication by the International Bureau

337. The international application is published promptly after 18 months from the priority date except where early publication has been requested (Article 21(1) and (2)). International applications are usually published on Thursdays, and technical preparations for international publication are generally completed 15 calendar days before the actual publication date. When there is no international publication on a given Thursday because it is a day when the International Bureau is not open for business, publication may, but does not always, take place on the preceding day (Wednesday). In such cases, the receiving Office should contact the International Bureau for confirmation of the exact day of publication. A document, notification or communication which is to be published by the International Bureau (Rule 48.2), and might not reach the International Bureau before the date of completion of technical preparations if sent by ordinary mail, should be transmitted by facsimile, in addition to the original being sent by mail.