PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter IX: Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Listing


222. The receiving Office examines the check list in Box No. IX(f) of the request for reference to any nucleotide and/or amino acid sequence listings filed on paper and checks whether such sequence listings have been filed as part of the description (that is, as far as the sequence listing is concerned, not for the purposes of international search under Rule 13ter only).  It also checks that the copy indicated in item 9, and the statement indicated in item 10, accompany the international application.  It also checks that the type and number of physical data carriers on which the sequence listing is contained is as indicated in item 9. If there is any inconsistency, the check list may need to be corrected. The receiving Office need not check for compliance of any sequence listing part of the description with the prescribed requirements set out in the standard contained in  Annex C of the Administrative Instructions since that check is made by the International Searching Authority (Rule 13ter). Consequently, the receiving Office need not check the language of the sequence listing, nor need it check compliance with the requirements as to presentation of the sequence listing; in particular, it need not check whether the sequence listing complies with Rule 5.2.   However, the receiving Office must check the sheets containing the sequence listing to a limited extent, for example, in relation to the compliance with the physical requirements necessary for the purpose of a reasonably uniform international publication as required by  paragraph 3(i) of the said Annex C; the receiving Office must also check the appropriate marking in the check list of the request. In addition, the receiving Office must check that the correct international filing fee has been paid (paragraph 242).

222A. The receiving Office transmits to the International Searching Authority any sequence listing furnished to it in electronic form (for the purposes of international search only) (Rule 23.1(c) and Section 313(c)) and any sequence listing in printed form furnished to it subsequent to the filing of the international application (Section 313(c) as outlined in paragraph 290).