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Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS)

The CWS is the collaborative international forum for discussing and reaching agreement on WIPO Standards, their revision and development, as well as on other matters relating to industrial property information and documentation.

It was created by WIPO member states at the General Assembly held in 2009.

WIPO Standards contain recommendations on various aspects of patents, trademarks and industrial designs and are directed to any interested party producing or using such information.

The online Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation reflects the results of the Committee’s work and contains WIPO Standards, CWS surveys and other materials.

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The Committee meets on an annual basis and its membership comprises all WIPO member states and observers.

Session of the CWS
Committee on WIPO Standards (CWS). More photos of the CWS on Flickr. (Photo: WIPO)

Task Forces and e-forums

The Committee establishes Task Forces consisting of experts nominated by the CWS members and observers to address specific tasks. Task Forces report on their discussions and agreements to the CWS for subsequent consideration.

Task Forces have been playing a key role in developing WIPO Standards since 1994. Their success is mainly due to flexible working procedures, in particular, intensive use of electronic means of communication.


The CWS Work Program is presented as a task list, which is reviewed by the CWS at every session.

The International Bureau collects and publishes the annual technical reports (ATR) on patents, trademarks and industrial design documentation activities prepared by industrial property offices within the framework of CWS Task No. 24.

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