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Examples and Industrial Property Offices Practices

Representation of calendar dates

  • Part 7.1:  Representation of calendar dates - Variations in the representation of calendar dates based on the Gregorian calendar, as printed in industrial property documents or in official gazettes (November 1997)

Numbering systems

  • Part 7.2.1:  Presentation of application numbers (December 2005)
  • Part 7.2.2:  Survey of numbering systems used, or intended to be used, by industrial property offices with regard to applications, published documents and registered rights (June 2001)
  • Part 7.2.3:  Numbering systems and date formats introduced or planned to be applied with regard to the arrival of the year 2000 (January 2000)
  • Part 7.2.4:  Survey on the presentation of priority application numbers (September 2007)
  • Part 7.2.5:  Survey on application numbering systems (June 2013)
  • Part 7.2.6:  Numbering of applications and priority applications - current practices (January 2015)  

Examples and kinds of patent documents

  • Part 7.3.1:  Examples and kinds of patent documents listed according to code (May 2015)
  • Part 7.3.2:  Inventory of kinds of patent documents listed according to the issuing industrial property office (May 2015)

Corrections, alterations and supplements relating to patent information

  • Part 7.4.1:  Survey concerning correction procedures in patent offices (December 2009)
  • Part 7.4.2:  Examples concerning correction procedures of patent offices (December 2009) 

Physical characteristics of patent documents

  • Part 7.5:  Physical characteristics of patent documents - Compilation of data on physical characteristics of patent documents (December 1990)

Bibliographic information in patent gazettes

  • Part 7.6:  Survey of bibliographic information contained in patent gazettes and in current indexes inserted in patent gazettes or published separately in association with patent gazettes (December 1990)

Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs)

  • Part 7.7:  Survey on the grant and publication of “Supplementary Protection Certificates” for medicinal and phytopharmaceutical products or equivalent industrial property rights (SPCs) (January 2002) (3.6 Mb)

Procedures and requirements relating to industrial designs

  • Part 7.8:  Survey of filing procedures and filing requirements, as well as of examination methods and publication procedures, relating to industrial designs (May 1995)

Citation practices relating to patent information

  • Part 7.9:  Survey concerning citation practices in industrial property offices (December 2008)

Codes used by industrial property offices

  • Part 7.10:  Survey of practices in industrial property offices regarding codes used for internal purposes or individual use (January 2009)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) practices

  • Part 7.11:  Survey on the implementation and promotion of WIPO Standard ST.22 (June 2012)

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