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The Registered Designs (Amendment) Regulations, 1990, Zambia

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Details Details Year of Version 1990 Dates Adopted: October 22, 1990 Type of Text Implementing Rules/Regulations Subject Matter Industrial Designs, IP Regulatory Body

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Main text(s) Main text(s) English The Registered Designs (Amendment) Regulations, 1990        

Supplement to the Republic ofZambia Government
Gazette dated the 2nd November, 1990



The Registered Designs Act (Laws, Volume XIV, Cap. 696)

The Registered Designs (Amendment) Regulations, 1990

IN EXERCISE of the powers contained in section fifty-eight of the Registered Designs Act, the following Regulations are hereby made:

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Registered Designs (Amendment) Regulations, 1990, and shall be read as one with the Registered Designs Regulations in these Regulations referred to as the principal Regulations and shall apply in respect of business conducted after the publication hereto.

.. .. -.


2. The principal Regulations are amended by the deletion of the First Schedule and the substitution therefor of the First Schedule set outin the Appendix to these Regulations.


(Regulanon 2)

FffiST SCHEDULE (Regulation 33)


The following fees shall be paid in respect of applications, registratio~~d other mat,tars under the Act. Such fees must in all cases be paid before or at the time of doing the matter in respect of which they are to be paid:

OC1r'r68pO!UlingAmount Duign8Item Maner or Proceeding K Form No.

1. (a) On application to register one design to be applied to a single article not being a textile article 800 1or2 Ifmade of lace 720

(a) On application to register one design to be applied to a set of articles not being textile art.ieles 1,200 3 or 4

If made of lace .. 800

(e) On application to register one design to to l>H applied to 11 textile article 800 1 or 2

2. On application 10{) Registrar to state
grounds 01 decision and materials used
Wider regulation 14 320

Title and application

Cap. 696,



ment of



o'piu of this ,Stt.uutory I fj,//jrume".l can be obl.t,i,leI1 fro", the Gover"",e'T£t Primer

P.O. lJU;J; 30136. 10100, Lu8uka. Price Kl.OO each. '


Statutory JuBtrumcnt8


:l. On rnqlJl·~1. for nXlOII'\I01l of 1.11110 wit.hin whinl, a.1l applit:n.tiClI1 fur rogi:-.-t.rat,ioll of u dI'411l.11 11II1y btl ('llltlpintod ~

~ot, 1';x('n(\(lil1~_~ OW\ 111011 t.I1

Not 1~~x(·o(HbllJ,.; LV.'11 rt unrl.l u

Nol. OXc'noc IJII~ lbroll Jrll rnt.h.:

4. (Il) ()II l~ppllt~a.II()11 rill" t\XLnn:HOII 1"-l'()P'y~

rtght undor 1-lf\nt,iotl I[) (:!)

(b) Hocond period of Iivo YOILI'S

(e) 'I'Iurd porlOd of IIvn ynllm

[(i. On rIJ'IueRI for onlnrgomont. of t.iruo for paymont of foo fill' oxtonsion of oopyright.

Not, Exceeding 'll\1l munt.h

Not, exceeding t.wo ruont.hs

Not, oxeooding t.hro» munths

[6. On roquost to onLor SU},HO(jI,nnt. pr-opr-ict.or -, ship, etc., under rogulut.ion HJ mado within six months from dnto of ncquisition of propriotorship, 01.<:,

In respect of ono dosign

Mat:le after six but within twelve months from the date of ucquisition or proprietorship, etc.

In respoct of one design

On application covering more than ono design, for each udditional design similarly acquired

Made 8 fter expiration of twelve months


from the date of acquisition of proprietorship, etc.In respect of one design

7. On application for entry of notification of document in the register made within six months of the date of the date of dooumont-

In respect of one design Made after six but within twelve months from the date of document-In respect of one design

Made after expiration of twelve months from date ofdocument-In respect of one design

On application covering more than one design for each additional design referred to in the same document as the first design "

8. On application of mortgage, licences or other person for entry that he no longer claims such interest-

In respect of one design For each additional design

9; On application for compulsory licence under section 17 .,

10. On application to ~nter change of name or nationality of registered proprietor ill the register-

In respect of one design

2nd November, IU\lO





1,120 2,240 2,640

112 208 (Hi













OOM'r.ypondilly fJr.8'il 1O"

Form 1\10.


11 "r Ie

I .."

14 or 15

14or 16

14or 15




17 17


2nd November, 1990 Statutory 1nstrument8

Item Matter or Proceeding

For each additional design

11. On application for alteration of address for service in tbe register-

In respect of one design

For each additional design

  1. On application under section 23 to correct error
  2. On application by proprietor for cancel
    lation under section 25 (1)

  3. On application for cancellation of regiatration under section 25 (2)
  4. On application for search under section 28 when the registration number is supplied
  5. On application for search under section 28 when the registration number 1S not supplied
  6. On application for search under regulation

29 (3)

  1. On application for a certified copy of entries, etc., under regulation 30
  2. On application for a copy of a certificate of registration under regula.tion 31
  3. On every authorisation ofan agent
  4. On application for entry of court order or tribunal
  5. For inspection of register ..
    1. For certifying office copies, MSS., or photographic or printed matter-
    2. Under seal

    1. For inspecting and making copies of documents-
    2. In respect of each application of design
  6. For typewritten copy of any document, for every 100 words ..
  7. For photographic copy of any document or drawing per sheet




80 32 32 8 32 48

16 48 32 32

480 32 32

32 16



(Price as fixed by the Minillter from time to time)


Form No.



21 22 23 24

25 26 27 28

30 31


LUSAKA Minister of Commerce and Industry 22nd October, 19!1O


Legislation Amends (1 text(s)) Amends (1 text(s))
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WIPO Lex No. ZM026