Innovating for Better Health: Supporting Young Innovators through IP

Innovating for Better Health: Supporting Young Innovators through IP

Innovation plays a crucial role in addressing local and global challenges, and young innovators are shaping this landscape with the power of their ideas and ambitions for the future, including the future of health. With adequate support and effective use of intellectual property (IP) rights, young innovators can mobilize change and help advance science, innovation and business for improved health outcomes.

With its focus on IP and Youth: Building a Better Future, this year’s World Intellectual Property Day provides a unique opportunity to bring young innovators and policy makers together to explore how youth innovation is generating solutions to some of the world’s greatest health challenges.

But what challenges do young innovators face and how do innovation ecosystems need to evolve to enable them to deliver their promising solutions?

An exciting line-up of award-winning young innovators will share their experiences and perspectives on these and other topical questions in two panels that promise wide-ranging and rich discussions.

Meeting codeWIPO/WEBINAR/IPDAY/2022
Date and venueApril 26, 2022 Virtual
Time of sessions16:00 - 18:00 Geneva time (English)
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