A European Perspective on Copyright Infrastructure

Meeting codeWIPO/WEBINAR/CR/2021/2
Date and venueNovember 17, 2021 Virtual (English)
13:00 - 14:00 Geneva time
Previous / future meetingsWIPO/WEBINAR/CR/2021/2 >> WIPO/WEBINAR/CR/2021/3
Topic(s)Webinars, Copyright and Related Rights, Copyright Infrastructure Webinars
- 1:00 – 1:10 Opening remarks and introduction
- 1:10 – 1: 45 Presentations
- 1:45 – 2: 00 Q&A session

Ms. Anna Vuopala, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Education and Culture, Helsinki, Finland
Mr. Rodolphe Wouters, Policy Officer, European Commission, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology

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WIPO/WEBINAR/CR/2021/2/WOUTERSEnglishPresentation by Mr. Rodolphe WoutersPresentation by Mr. Rodolphe Wouters, Complete document (ppt)