Madrid System: Managing International Trademark Registrations – Manage your Representative

You can appoint, change, or update the name or contact details of, a representative using “Manage your Representative” under eMadrid. Simply provide the (updated) name and contact details (including email address) of the chosen person or company.

Note: there are no specific requirements concerning the professional qualifications, nationality, residence or domicile of appointed representatives but you can only have one representative at a time. If you appoint a new representative, we will cancel any existing representative!

You – or your existing representative – can also use “Manage your Representative” to request a cancellation, providing the corresponding international trademark application or registration number(s). In general, cancellation takes effect from the date on which we receive your request.

Tip! To appoint a local representative in a designated Madrid System member, you should liaise directly with the relevant intellectual property (IP) office. You can find IP Office contact details in our Madrid Member Profiles.

How much does it cost?

This service is free-of-charge.

Madrid System forms

You can also manage your representative using Madrid System Forms MM10 and MM12. However, we strongly recommend that you do this online through eMadrid.

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