Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

In the global innovation economy, demand for intellectual property (IP) titles – patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright – is rapidly increasing and becoming more complex. Artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics and new technologies such as blockchain can be used to address the growing challenges facing IP offices (IPO).

  • Automatic classification of patents and goods/services for trademark applications
  • Search of patent prior art and figurative elements of trademarks
  • Examination and formalities checks for trademarks and patents
  • Helpdesk services (automatic replies to client)
  • Machine translation, linguistic tools and terminology
  • Data analysis for economic research

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Video: WIPO's Director General on artificial intelligence and IP

Topics and issues

From stories, to reports, news and more, we publish content on the topics most discussed in the field of AI and IP.

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The Artificial Inventor Project

In a world in which AI is playing an ever-expanding role, including in the processes of innovation and creativity, Professor Ryan Abbott considers some of the challenges that AI is posing for the IP system.

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AI: the new electricity

British-born computer scientist, Andrew Ng, leading thinker on AI, discusses the transformative power of AI, and the measures required to ensure that AI benefits everyone.

The story of AI in patents

Explore the evolution of AI through the prism of patents.

The IP behind the AI boom

AI is set to transform our lives. But what exactly is AI, and what are the techniques and applications driving innovation in this area?

Technology Trends – Artificial Intelligence

WIPO’s "Technology Trends" Study Probes Artificial Intelligence.

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Bringing AI to life

David Hanson, maker of Sophia the Robot and CEO and Founder of Hanson Robotics, shares his vision of a future built around super intelligence.

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Saudia Arabia embraces AI-driven innovation

Dr. Ahmed Al Theneyan, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Technology, Industry and Digital Capabilities, talks about his country’s ambitions to drive innovation and economic growth using advanced digital technologies.

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Robotics, innovation and IP

Robotics and AI are breakthrough, boundary-pushing innovations. This economic research working paper analyzes how innovation in robotics is taking place, how it spreads, and what role IP plays.

Artificial intelligence at WIPO

WIPO's research on AI is led by the Advanced Technology Applications Center (ATAC), which works on enhancing functions and processes at the Organization. WIPO currently uses AI in three main areas:

Machine translation: WIPO Translate

WIPO Translate is a world-leading instant translation tool, specially designed for patent documents. It's available through the PATENTSCOPE database and can also be integrated within IPO systems upon request.

Image search: Global Brand Database

Image search within the Global Brand Database allows trademark owners to identify visually-similar trademarks, as well as other brand-information records from among the millions of images in the collection.

Automatic Patent Classification

IPCCAT helps patent filers and examiners in IPOs to automatically categorize patent applications into technical units according to their International Patent Classification (IPC) class, subclass, main group or sub-group.

Artificial intelligence and IP service delivery

AI has the potential to revolutionize service delivery and administration in IPOs. Through three main channels, WIPO leads and enables cooperation amongst IPOs towards this goal.

Index of AI initiatives in IP offices

Search our index of initiatives to find out how AI is being used to facilitate IP administration and service delivery in different IPOs. The index is based on inputs received from WIPO member states. Please contact us for updates or corrections.


Specialized task forces

WIPO leads and enables cooperation amongst IPOs in pursuit of coherent ICT strategy, management of IP big data and the use of AI for IPO administration:

Online forum for member states

Official representatives from WIPO member states can share views in this private forum administered by WIPO.

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