Data and Intellectual Property

The world around us is changing rapidly. In the digital age we are all connected, anytime and anywhere. At the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and fueling the change is data. It is unsurprising that data is often referred to as the new oil. And, like oil, data production and refinement can represent a significant investment.

The fourth session of the WIPO Conversation on IP and Frontier Technologies, entitled “Data – Beyond AI in a Fully Interconnected World”, discussed the interaction between IP and Data. There were a mixture of speaker presentations, panel discussions and an open floor allowing all participants to have their views heard by making an intervention.

In this session, the background to the current data debates was discussed, including what data is and why this intangible asset increasingly matters and is changing how we do business, innovate and create. The session also set the scene on some of the key regulatory frameworks for data. Taking all of this into account, the WIPO Conversation asked how data fit into the current IP system and how the IP system can use data.

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Catch up on WIPO's IP and Data Conversation

The agenda provides a good overview of the topics and panels.

You may also find it useful to have a read of Issues 8 (Copyright Infringement and Exceptions) and 10 (Data - Further Rights in Relation to Data) of WIPO's Revised Issues Paper on IP Policy and AI.

If you have missed the WIPO Conversation on IP and Data or would like to revisit some of the discussions, the meeting is available as video on demand.

A summary of the discussions on IP and data is also available.

The presentations of the WIPO Conversation panel speakers are available.

All interventions received in written format are available below in searchable format.

The AI and IP Strategy Clearing House contains some relevant information and is searchable. Please have a look under “data ownership”, “data” and “database rights”.

Relevant issues were also discussed in detail in the Second and Third Sessions of the WIPO Conversation and interventions received on IP Policy and AI are available in searchable format.

The WIPO Conversation continues in two to three annual sessions.

IP and Data Webinar

A number of Member States presented their national/regional data strategies, laws and approaches relevant to IP and data in a webinar following the fourth session of the WIPO Conversation.

The webinar on IP and Data took place on November 2 with presentations from Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Database of interventions: IP and Data

19 written submissions were received in response to IP and data. They are available in searchable format and linked to the video recordings of the meeting.