The WIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property and Frontier Technologies

The next WIPO Conversation, entitled “Data – Beyond AI in a Fully Interconnected World”, will take place on September 22 and 23, 2021.

The world around us is changing rapidly. In the digital age we are all connected, anytime and anywhere. At the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and fueling the change is data. It is unsurprising that data is often referred to as the new oil. And, like oil, data production and refinement can represent a significant investment.

The WIPO Conversation will look at some of the background to the current data debates including what data is and why this intangible asset increasingly matters and is changing how we do business, innovate and create. The session will also set the scene on some of the key regulatory frameworks for data. In front of this backdrop, the WIPO Conversation will ask how data fit into the current IP system and how the IP system can use data.

The format will depend on the epidemiological situation. Regardless of how the situation evolves, the session will be available virtually and by webcast. A video on demand recording will also be published in due course.

The agenda has not yet been published. It will be made available on this website. If you would like to receive our notifications please contact us to join our mailing list.

Registration is open now.

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If you would like to share with us which frontier technologies are of interest to you and tell us a little more about how you are using data then please complete the Frontier Technologies and Data Questionnaire.

WIPO held the First Session of the WIPO Conversation in September 2019 to discuss the impact of AI on IP policy. The Second and Third Sessions of the WIPO Conversation also focused on AI. You can find all the related resources and documents on the AI and IP Policy: WIPO Conversation page.

Registration for the Fourth Session of the WIPO Conversation on September 22 and 23, 2021 on “Data – Beyond AI in a Fully Interconnected World” is now open. 


Frontier Technologies and Data Questionnaire

In order to assist us preparing for the next session of the WIPO Conversation we would like to hear from you, the challenges and opportunities you see, your stories and your views.

Starting with some general questions relating to your use of the new frontier technologies and IP, the Frontier Technologies and Data Questionnaire then focusses on data as a driving force fueling all new frontier technologies including AI.

If you would like to view all questions, a pdf version of the questionnaire is available PDF, Questionnaire . In order to allow easier analysis, please use the online version to send your answers.

We are excited to hear your stories and find out how you use data to innovate and create.