The Metaverse and Intellectual Property

The metaverse, a borderless, virtual world encompassing work, play, entertainment and more, is considered a next evolution of the Internet changing the world, as we know it. While the concepts are still emerging, there is a common understanding that the metaverse has the potential to unlock a completely new digital economy as it is transforming the global market place, processes, assets and enterprises worldwide.

The metaverse is a real opportunity to drive economic growth and bring its benefits to everyone, everywhere. With digitalization going forward, IP will be one of the key drivers fostering innovation in technologies that will build the metaverse and in providing a basis for generating economic activity and growth.

Seventh session of the WIPO Conversation

The Seventh Session of the WIPO Conversation took place on March 29 and 30, 2023 and had a look at the wide spectrum of frontier technologies enabling the metaverse, such as AI, blockchain and the NFTs, emerging AR and VR technologies, the Internet of Things and data processing and discussed the challenges the metaverse poses to the existing IP system. It sought to bring together all stakeholders to provide a map for navigating these challenges to ensure innovation continues to grow and develop for the benefi t of all.

The Seventh session of the WIPO Conversation – Intellectual Property and the Metaverse attracted more than 3700 registrants from 144 countries.

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March 29 and 30, 2023

conceptual representation of new technologies for the WIPO Conversation on Frontier Technologies and IP

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The session discussed how metaverse relates to diverse IP rights, including patents, copyright and trademarks. The agenda provides a good overview of the topics and panels.

If you have missed the WIPO Conversation on IP and the Metaverse or would like to revisit some of the discussions, the meeting is available as video on demand.

A summary of the discussions on IP and the Metaverse will be available soon.

Watch Idiat Shiole from Nigeria bringing African fashion to the metaverse.

Metaverse stories

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The metaverse, NFTs and IP rights: to regulate or not to regulate?

Over the last year, countless articles have anticipated global transformation through the metaverse and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), fueling interest around the question of whether there is an urgent need for new regulations to adapt to these innovations. In other words, should the law adapt to the metaverse or should the metaverse adapt to the law?

Trademarks in the metaverse
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Trademarks in the metaverse

While the metaverse is still developing, it has gained a foothold in a number of sectors and is expected to expand and become an ever richer environment for users. For brand owners, protecting their brands in the metaverse will be critical, and getting ready to play in the new meta sandbox will require a legal strategy.