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African Pepper Pride

African Pepper Pride

Sub-Saharan Africa gets its first "Geographical Indication"-promoted product as this form of IP grows in global importance.

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Breathe a Little Easier

A desert, his shoes, a knife: Watch the GEOX founder speak of the innovation behind his unique, breathable footwear.

Six Inventions to Catch a Mouse

“Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door,” goes the saying.

Cameroon’s Countryside Cardiac Care

One inventor is working for healthier hearts in Africa’s remote regions.

WIPO Magazine article on online film distribution

Netflix, Online Distribution and Global Domination?

Shifting film production and distribution models mean fresh challenges, but also new opportunities, for the world's filmmakers.

Record 2013 WIPO Filings

USA, China drive international patent applications to new heights. Trademark and design filings break new ground, too.

IP System Needs Strength, Balance

Executives from Google, Intel and Microsoft speak on challenges facing IP and business innovation.

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