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Dream Shield – Communicating IP to Indigenous Business

IP Australia is reaching out to businesses run by Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders with its Dream Shield initiative which offers a suite of culturally-relevant materials explaining how IP can help protect their brands, designs and inventions.

Cardiopad: Reaching the hearts of rural communities in Africa

Cardiovascular diseases are a major public health problem in Cameroon placing a heavy burden on under-resourced health care systems. Arthur Zang explains why he developed the Cardiopad – a medical device – and how it promises to revolutionize cardiac care in remote communities in Cameroon.

Jean Michel Jarre on Culture, Creators and the Tech Industry

Electronic music pioneer and champion of creators’ rights, Jean Michel Jarre, shares his views on the importance of intellectual property (IP) and the need for the tech industry and creators to work together to foster sustainable cultural development.

Start-Up Chile

Find out more about how the Chilean government has jump-started the country’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems through a ground-breaking initiative known as Start-Up Chile.

Branded Hashtags: The Next Big Thing?

Are hashtags the next big thing for companies to think about in their branding strategies?


Marvel's Superhero Licensing

June 2012 - Comic books, once associated with geeky adolescent boys and low-budget entertainment, now are linked to celebrities and big money. What's changed since the dawn of the concept in the 1930s? Movies!

Guaranteeing Access to Knowledge: The Role of Libraries

August 2012 - Libraries are keenly aware of the need to maintain the balance between protecting the rights of authors and safeguarding the wider public interest.

3-D printing and the future of stuff

April 2013 - One of the most exciting innovations to emerge in recent times, 3-D printing offers the realistic possibility that anyone, anywhere in the world can produce any object they need on demand.

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