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Tracking the value of intangibles

What is intellectual property worth? The recently launched World Intellectual Property Report 2017 offers fresh evidence about the role of intangible capital in global value chains.

Perspectives on access to medicines and IP rights

Thomas Cueni who heads up IFPMA, the global trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry and Ellen ‘t Hoen, former Executive Director of the Medicines Patent Pool, offer their views on access to medicines and the challenges that lie ahead in the search for innovative solutions.

Embraer: Brazil’s pioneering aviation giant

Wander Menchik, Head of Embraer’s Technology Development program offers an insider’s view on the importance of innovation and IP to the company and its future goals.

Regulating machine data: less is more for global growth

Thaddeus Burns, Senior Counsel for IP and Trade at the General Electric Company offers an industry perspective on an appropriate policy framework for regulating machine data to allow the digital economy to realize its enormous potential.


Trade secrets: the hidden IP right

In today’s increasingly complex, highly competitive and hyper-connected world, trade secrets are emerging from the shadows and gaining tractions as an effective way to protect certain intellectual assets. Find out how trade secrets can be a boon for small businesses.


Artificial intelligence and copyright

October 2017 – As the use of artificial intelligence by artists becomes more widespread, the distinction between artwork that is made by a human and that made by a computer is becoming increasingly blurred with interesting implications for copyright.

3D printing and IP law

February 2017 – Amid renewed interest in the potential for 3D printing technology transform manufacturing supply chains, to what extent do current IP laws protect the interests of creators?

Eight steps to secure trade secrets

February 2016 – Find out how to secure company trade secrets from both external threats and potential thieves already inside the company.