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Bacteria as a Vehicle for Drug Delivery

ActoGeniX, a small Belgian biotech company, promises to revolutionize the treatment of a wide range of chronic diseases with its new class of drugs. Its General Counsel, Emil Pot, explains how the technology works and the role that IP plays in the company’s business?

Innovation Gathers Pace in Renewables Sector

A recent report by WIPO and Cambridge IP points to striking increases in commercial innovation in four key renewable energy technology sectors: biofuels, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind.

Breaking Down Barriers to Accessibility

Only around 10 percent of all works published each year are available in formats that can be read by those living with print disabilities. The Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) launched in June 2014 is working to end this “book famine.”

Video Games: Computer Programs or Creative Works?

Modern video games stand out from other creative works in that they fuse creative audiovisual elements with computer code. How are these complex and sophisticated works classified under the law? Are they computer programs or are they audiovisual works and why does it matter?

Cutting-Edge Science Inspires Ground-Breaking Art

The latest ground-breaking experiment at CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, on the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, “collides” the worlds of science and the arts generating new ways of looking at the world.


Marvel's Superhero Licensing

June 2012 - Comic books, once associated with geeky adolescent boys and low-budget entertainment, now are linked to celebrities and big money. What's changed since the dawn of the concept in the 1930s? Movies!

Guaranteeing Access to Knowledge: The Role of Libraries

August 2012 - Libraries are keenly aware of the need to maintain the balance between protecting the rights of authors and safeguarding the wider public interest.

3-D printing and the future of stuff

April 2013 - One of the most exciting innovations to emerge in recent times, 3-D printing offers the realistic possibility that anyone, anywhere in the world can produce any object they need on demand.


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