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The Brave New World of Wearable Tech: What Implications for IP?

Wearable tech is both the newest technology trend and one of the oldest - we have been wearing watches since the 16th Century. It is now fast becoming a multi-billion dollar sector that promises to revolutionize marketing, retail, fitness and medicine. But what IP issues are likely to appear as the sector matures?

Copyright and Fashion – A UK Perspective

Despite the huge importance of the fashion industry to the UK economy, fashion is not awarded the same level of copyright protection as other creative industries. Iona Silverman explores why.

Unlocking Hidden Value: E-Waste and Innovation

Our limitless appetite for next generation technologies is creating an ever expanding mountain of electronic waste. Does this spell environmental doom or economic opportunity? A recent WIPO patent landscape report points to increasing levels of innovation and the promise of greener e-waste recycling practices.

Facilitating Generic Drug Manufacturing: Bolar Exemptions Worldwide

Before entering the market, generics manufacturers may have to conduct trials on a protected product before its patent expires to prove the efficacy and safety of their own product. In so doing they risk infringing that patent. To overcome this problem, many countries have put legal exemptions in place but these vary in nature and scope.

IP Litigation: What place for Patent Drawings?

In today’s ever more complex technology landscape the number of patent lawsuits is on the rise and patent litigation costs are skyrocketing. What role for simple, clear and precise illustrations in buoying up a patent holder’ defense in the court room?


Marvel's Superhero Licensing

June 2012 - Comic books, once associated with geeky adolescent boys and low-budget entertainment, now are linked to celebrities and big money. What's changed since the dawn of the concept in the 1930s? Movies!

Guaranteeing Access to Knowledge: The Role of Libraries

August 2012 - Libraries are keenly aware of the need to maintain the balance between protecting the rights of authors and safeguarding the wider public interest.

3-D printing and the future of stuff

April 2013 - One of the most exciting innovations to emerge in recent times, 3-D printing offers the realistic possibility that anyone, anywhere in the world can produce any object they need on demand.


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