WIPO's Senior Management Team

WIPO's Senior Management Team comprises the eight Deputy and Assistant Directors General (DDGs and ADGs), plus the Legal Counsel and the Director of Human Resources. They are responsible for assisting the Director General in the strategic direction of WIPO’s programs, and for managing their respective Sectors to deliver the expected results set out in the Program and Budget. The current team (from December 1, 2014) is:

Structure and activities

Deputy Directors General

Sylvie Forbin - Copyright and Creative Industries Sector

Sylvie Forbin (Photo: WIPO)

Deputy Director General Sylvie Forbin (France) is responsible for the Copyright and Creative Industries Sector. The Sector's work includes:

Ms. Forbin joined WIPO as DDG in September 2016 from Vivendi, France. (Full CV: PDF, Sylvie Forbin CV)

Mario Matus – Development Sector

Mario Matus (Photo: WIPO)

Deputy Director General Mario Matus (Chile) is responsible for WIPO's development programs, including:

Mr. Matus joined WIPO as DDG in December 2014 from Chile's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Full CV: PDF, Mario Matus CV)

John Sandage – Patents and Technology Sector

John Sandage (Photo: WIPO)

Deputy Director General John Sandage (U.S.) oversees the Patents and Technology Sector. This includes managing:

Mr. Sandage joined WIPO as DDG in December 2014 from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. (Full CV: PDF, John Sandage CV)

Binying Wang – Brands and Designs Sector

Binying Wang (Photo: WIPO)

Deputy Director General Binying Wang (China) is responsible for the Brands and Designs Sector. This includes:

Ms. Wang joined WIPO in 1992 from the China Trademark Service. She was appointed ADG in December 2006, and has held her current DDG positition since December 2008. (Full CV: PDF, Binying Wang CV)

Assistant Directors General

Minelik Alemu Getahun – Global Issues Sector

Minelik Alemu Getahun (Photo: WIPO)

Assistant Director General Minelik Alemu Getahun (Ethiopia) oversees the Sector for Global Issues. The Sector brings together a number of programs that address cross-cutting issues, including:

Mr. Getahun joined WIPO as ADG in December 2014 from the Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the United Nations in Geneva. (Full CV: PDF, Minelik Getahun CV)

Naresh Prasad – Chief of Staff

Naresh Prasad (Photo: WIPO)

Assistant Director General Naresh Prasad (India) is Chief of Staff in the Office of the Director General. His responsibilities include:

Mr. Prasad joined WIPO as Executive Director of the Office of the Director General in May 2009 from the Indian Administrative Service. He became ADG in December 2014. (Full CV: PDF, Naresh Prasad CV)

Ambi Sundaram – Administration and Management Sector

Ambi Sundaram (Photo: WIPO)

Assistant Director General Ramanthan Ambi Sundaram (Sri Lanka) is responsible for the Administration and Management Sector. This includes:

Mr. Sundaram joined WIPO from the World Health Organization on appointment to his current ADG position in December 2008. (Full CV: PDF, Ambi Sundaram CV)

Yoshiyuki (Yo) Takagi –  Global Infrastructure Sector

Yo Takagi (Photo: WIPO)

Assistant Director General Yo Takagi (Japan) leads the Global Infrastructure Sector.  The Sector facilitates the sharing of IP knowledge by developing sustainable knowledge infrastructures, free global IP databases, and common platforms to connect IP offices. Its work includes:

Mr. Takagi joined WIPO in 1994 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. He has held his current position as Assistant Director General since December 2008. (Full CV: PDF, Yoshiyuki (Yo) Takagi CV)

Non-DDG/ADG representatives

From December 1, 2014, the Senior Management Team also includes: