Office of the Legal Counsel

The Office of the Legal Counsel is responsible for providing legal advice and assistance to the Director General, to the bodies of WIPO member states and to the secretariat on constitutional, administrative, contractual, and general legal matters and in respect of the depositary functions of the WIPO-administered treaties. It is also responsible for ensuring that WIPO fully complies with its internal rules and applicable laws. 

Our activities include:

  • Advise and defend WIPO in the different bodies administering justice, including the ILOAT.
  • Depositary functions of the WIPO-administered treaties, including the preparation of treaty-action notifications, such as notifications addressed to member states of adherences to or denunciations of the treaties.
  • Drafting and review of contracts entered into by WIPO.


Photo: BONTEKOE Frits

Legal Counsel: BONTEKOE Frits

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