Human Resources Management Department

The Human Resources Management Department is responsible for ensuring that WIPO has the human resources necessary to fulfill its mandate, through global sourcing of talent; by providing client-oriented and efficient HR services, strategic and operational partnerships within the organization; and by providing an enabling working environment and best employment practices.

Our activities include:

  • Design and implement effective HR policies and systems to support WIPO's business needs and to permit the effective management of WIPO's workforce.
  • Provide HR advice on the development of workforce plans within the results-based management (RBM) framework, as well as the coordination and monitoring of their implementation. Ensure internal consistency and adequacy of organizational structures and job classification levels.
  • Sourcing of talent from a global talent pool to meet WIPO's current and future needs for expertise and competencies, with due regard to geographical and gender diversity.
  • Effective and timely management of staff contractual benefits and entitlements.
  • Provide staff development services through varied and needs-based staff training and development programs.
  • Develop and implement effective performance management systems which encourage and recognize excellence in performance.
  • Provide a conducive work environment which meets the needs of staff and is supportive to work-life balance needs of a diverse international workforce.
  • Contribute to the development of UN-system-wide, forward-looking HR policies and systems.

Further details available in the latest Program and Budget Report.


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