World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: D2003-0800 - D2003-0999

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Last updated: May 27, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
D2003-0800 (HTML)
D2003-0800 (Word)
The Sporting Exchange LimitedGrand Slam Co.wwwbetfair.comTransfer
D2003-0801 (HTML)
D2003-0801 (Word), Inc.Pacific Luxury Aircharteraction.comComplaint denied
D2003-0802 (HTML)
D2003-0802 (Word)
D2003-0803 (HTML)
D2003-0803 (Word)
Premiere Vision Tissus CreationJi-Hyung
Complaint denied
D2003-0804The Holmes Group,
D2003-0805 (HTML)
D2003-0805 (Word)
Greyson International, Inc.William Loncargreysoninternational.comComplaint denied
D2003-0806 (HTML)
D2003-0806 (Word)
E. R. Squibb & Sons, L. L. C.Roy Dukepravochol.comTransfer
D2003-0807MetroMedia Technologies, Inc.-mmt.comTerminated
D2003-0808 (HTML)
D2003-0808 (Word)
eBay Inc.RePoCoplanetebay.netTransfer
D2003-0809Biogen, Inc.-biogenca.comTerminated
D2003-0810 (HTML)
D2003-0810 (Word)
CIT Group Inc.,CIT Group, Inc.citgroupinc.comTransfer
D2003-0811 (HTML)
D2003-0811 (Word)
Elie Bleu
Alfred Mitchell Inc.eliebleu.comTransfer
D2003-0813 (HTML)
D2003-0813 (Word)
Harrods LimitedMike Anderson Consultantsharrodabishur.comTransfer
D2003-0814 (HTML)
D2003-0814 (Word)
BBVA Banco Francés,, Inc.bancofrances.comTransfer
D2003-0815 (HTML)
D2003-0815 (Word)
Importadora El Rosado C.LTDA.Carlos Xavier Jaramillomicomisariato.comTransfer
D2003-0816 (HTML)
D2003-0816 (Word)
Jil Sander AGMr. Stanley Filoramojilsander.orgTransfer
D2003-0817F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG-rochenovartis.comTerminated
D2003-0819Barry Plant Doherty Holdings Pty Ltd-barryplantdoherty.comTerminated
D2003-0820Nelson Alexander Pty Ltd-nelsonalexander.comTerminated
D2003-0821 (HTML)
D2003-0821 (Word)
Shell International Petroleum Company Ltd.Allen Jonesshell-nigeria.comTransfer
D2003-0822 (HTML)
D2003-0822 (Word)
Helmut Lang S.a.r.l.Mr. Stanley Filoramohelmutlang.orgTransfer
D2003-0823 (HTML)
D2003-0823 (Word)
Lammot Copeland, Jr.Computer Product Introductionscraftreport.comTransfer
D2003-0824 (HTML)
D2003-0824 (Word)
Liebherr-International AGDomain For Sale!liebherr.orgTransfer
D2003-0825 (HTML)
D2003-0825 (Word)
Star Stabilimento Alimentare S.p.A.,Efisia Cuccureddaorzobimbo.comTransfer
D2003-0826 (HTML)
D2003-0826 (Word)
Kirkbi AGThis Domain for Sale/Steve
D2003-0827 (HTML)
D2003-0827 (Word)
Bilfinger Berger AGeService Finance Dept.,bilfinger.comTransfer
D2003-0828 (HTML)
D2003-0828 (Word)
Thelonious S. MonkThe Holding Companytheloniousmonk.comComplaint denied
D2003-0829 (HTML)
D2003-0829 (Word)
Express Scripts, Inc.Apex Domains aka John Barry aka Domains for Sale
Churchill Club aka Shep Dog
Roy Duke
Transfer, denied in part
D2003-0830 (HTML)
D2003-0830 (Word)
Societe Air FranceArnaud
D2003-0831 (HTML)
D2003-0831 (Word)
Prada S.A.Ms. Mariangela Pautassapradaboutique.netTransfer
D2003-0832 (HTML)
D2003-0832 (Word)
Regal RemovalsGary Bradshawregalremovals.comComplaint denied
D2003-0833 (HTML)
D2003-0833 (Word)
JRR Tolkien Estate Limitedtolkien.nettolkien.netTransfer
D2003-0834JRR Tolkien Estate Limited-tolkien.orgTerminated
D2003-0835JRR Tolkien Estate Limited-tolkein.infoTerminated
D2003-0836JRR Tolkien Estate Limited-jrrtolkien.orgTerminated
D2003-0837 (HTML)
D2003-0837 (Word)
JRR Tolkien Estate LimitedNetwork Operations Center, Alberta Hot Rodsjrrtolkien.comTransfer
D2003-0838 (HTML)
D2003-0838 (Word)
Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corp.
Hershey Foods Corporation
Amcore & Company For sale domains $250 or best offer aka Joshuathan Investments, Inchesheys.comTransfer
D2003-0839 (HTML)
D2003-0839 (Word)
Prada S.A.Ms. Stefanella Campopradaboutique.orgTransfer
D2003-0840 (HTML)
D2003-0840 (Word)
Freixenet SABernward Averwaldfreixe.netTransfer
D2003-0841 (HTML)
D2003-0841 (Word)
Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation
Hershey Foods Corporation
DRP Services (Hersheychocolateworld-Com-Dom)hersheychocolateworld.comTransfer
D2003-0842 (HTML)
D2003-0842 (Word)
Mine Safety Appliances CompanyTrish Boswell/Pacific Helmets (NZ)
D2003-0843 (HTML)
D2003-0843 (Word)
Joe ColeDave Skipperjoecole.comTransfer
D2003-0844 (HTML)
D2003-0844 (Word)
A. Nattermann & Cie Gmbh
Aventis Pharma SA
Derrick Hornerlipostabildirect.comTransfer
D2003-0845 (HTML)
D2003-0845 (Word)
General Growth Properties, Inc.
Provo Mall L.L.C.
D2003-0846 (HTML)
D2003-0846 (Word)
The Goodyear Rubber and Tire Co.Jeff Albrechtdunloptires.comTransfer
D2003-0847 (HTML)
D2003-0847 (Word)
Perlier S.p.A.Ms. Darryl O’Donnellperlier.infoTransfer
D2003-0848 (HTML)
D2003-0848 (Word)
Perlier S.p.A.Mr. Stanley Filoramoperlier.netTransfer
D2003-0849 (HTML)
D2003-0849 (Word)
Kelemata S.p.A.Mr. Bassarab Dungaciukelemata.orgTransfer
D2003-0850 (HTML)
D2003-0850 (Word)
Time Equipment Corp.Stage
D2003-0851Medestea Internazionale-santangelica.comTerminated
D2003-0852 (HTML)
D2003-0852 (Word)
Carmen Electra, a/k/a Tara Leigh PatrickNetwork Operations Centercarmenelectra.comTransfer
D2003-0853Dell Inc. f/k/a Dell Computer Corporation-delljukebox.comTerminated
D2003-0854 (HTML)
D2003-0854 (Word)
Dell Inc.DellDomains.comdelldomains.comTransfer
D2003-0855 (HTML)
D2003-0855 (Word)
Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.Domain Administratorhabitrail.comTransfer
D2003-0856Textron Inc.-textron.infoTerminated
D2003-0857 (HTML)
D2003-0857 (Word)
Cameo S.p.A.Mr. Stanley Filoramomastrofornaio.comTransfer
D2003-0858 (HTML)
D2003-0858 (Word)
Rhoss S.p.A.None (CTLGDN-272205)rhoss.comTransfer
D2003-0859 (HTML)
D2003-0859 (Word)
Lockheed Martin CorporationNBPro Hostingskunkworksrc.comTransfer
D2003-0860 (HTML)
D2003-0860 (Word)
Pneumo Abex Corporation dba MAFCO Worldwide CorporationWixon Fontaromemag-nifique.comComplaint denied
D2003-0861 (HTML)
D2003-0861 (Word)
Southwest Airlines Co.R. S. Potdar a/k/a Dotsansouthwestairfare.comTransfer
D2003-0862 (HTML)
D2003-0862 (Word)
Easyjet Group IP Licensing LimitedStuart Snelleasyjets.comTransfer
D2003-0863 (HTML)
D2003-0863 (Word)
Fugro N.V.Elmer Jacobssialgeo.comTransfer
D2003-0864 (HTML)
D2003-0864 (Word)
Liseberg ABAdministration Local Manage Technicalliseberg.comTransfer
D2003-0865Genting Berhad-awanavacation.comTerminated
D2003-0866 (HTML)
D2003-0866 (Word)
IPI Italia S.p.A.gennymoda.comgennymoda.comTransfer
D2003-0867 (HTML)
D2003-0867 (Word)
Frezza SPAFrutta Inc.frezza.comTransfer
D2003-0868Leslie H. Small-small.comTerminated
D2003-0869 (HTML)
D2003-0869 (Word)
PRIMEDIA Special Interest Publications Inc.Anti-Globalization Domainsshotgunews.comTransfer
D2003-0870 (HTML)
D2003-0870 (Word)
Pfizer IncThe Magic Islandsviagraconfidential.comTransfer
D2003-0871 (HTML)
D2003-0871 (Word)
D2003-0872 (HTML)
D2003-0872 (Word)
CareerBuilder, Inc.Amcore & Company For sale domains $250 or best offercareerbulder.comTransfer
D2003-0873 (HTML)
D2003-0873 (Word)
Sun Peaks Resort Corporation505398 B.C. Ltd.sunpeaks.comComplaint denied
D2003-0874 (HTML)
D2003-0874 (Word)
Paragon Gifts, Inc.Ling Shun Shingparagongift.comTransfer
D2003-0875 (HTML)
D2003-0875 (Word)
CSX CorporationComputer Service Exchangecsx.netTransfer
D2003-0876 (HTML)
D2003-0876 (Word)
Harrods LimitedChris Brickcharlesharrod.comTransfer
D2003-0877 (HTML)
D2003-0877 (Word)
Credit Suisse GroupTicketCitycsfbtickets.comTransfer
D2003-0878 (HTML)
D2003-0878 (Word)
Star Stabilimento Alimentare S.p.A.Ms. Jenny Saputobrodostar.comTransfer
D2003-0879 (HTML)
D2003-0879 (Word)
Adobe Systems IncorporatedAmjad Kausarwwwadobe.comTransfer
D2003-0880 (HTML)
D2003-0880 (Word)
Caracol Primera Cadena Radial Colombiana S.A., a.k.a Caracol S.A.ABCSites, Inc.caracol.comComplaint denied
D2003-0881Paragon Gifts, Inc.-paragongiftstore.comTerminated
D2003-0882 (HTML)
D2003-0882 (Word)
Ferrari S.p.A.Ms. Lee Joohee (or Joo-Hee)f1ferrari.comTransfer
D2003-0883 (HTML)
D2003-0883 (Word)
Neurones SAMadame Chantal Weberneurone.comTransfer
D2003-0884 (HTML)
D2003-0884 (Word)
Fifth Third Bancorp.Domain Active Pty. Ltd.fifth-third-bank.comTransfer
D2003-0885 (HTML)
D2003-0885 (Word)
Arthur Guinness Son & Co. (Dublin) Limited
Diageo Ireland
The Directorsirguinness.comTransfer
D2003-0886 (HTML)
D2003-0886 (Word)
Convertech, Inc.The Maphx Company DBA Laserlitho, Incconvertechinc.comComplaint denied
D2003-0887 (HTML)
D2003-0887 (Word)
Miroglio S.p.A.Stanley Filoramoelenamiro.orgTransfer
D2003-0888 (HTML)
D2003-0888 (Word)
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AGVasiliy Terkinporsche-autoparts.comTransfer
D2003-0889Time Warner Cable Inc.
Time Warner Inc.
D2003-0890 (HTML)
D2003-0890 (Word)
Macquarie Bank LimitedMike Smithmacquarie-bank.netTransfer
D2003-0891 (HTML)
D2003-0891 (Word)
Societe Air FranceDaung Soo
D2003-0892 (HTML)
D2003-0892 (Word)
Paragon Gifts, Inc.Govswwwparagongifts.comTransfer
D2003-0893 (HTML)
D2003-0893 (Word)
Deutsche Telekom AGRonan Bairead
Ronan Barrett
D2003-0894Instituto de Estadística de Catalunya (IDESCAT)-idescat.comTerminated
D2003-0895 (HTML)
D2003-0895 (Word)
Prada S.A.Ms. Jenny Saputoboutiqueprada.netTransfer
D2003-0896Yakira, L.L.C. d/b/a Ecko Unlimited-eckountld.comTerminated
D2003-0897 (HTML)
D2003-0897 (Word)
Wachovia CorporationInternational Safekeeping ABfirstunionoffshorebank.comTransfer
D2003-0898 (HTML)
D2003-0898 (Word)
F J Benjamin Holdings Ltd.Rare Domain Nomineefjbenjamin.comTransfer
D2003-0899 (HTML)
D2003-0899 (Word)
D2003-0900 (HTML)
D2003-0900 (Word)
Voigtländer GmbHJohn
D2003-0901Adrian Charles Dickeson
Dickeson Ltd
D2003-0902Ford Dynasty Pty Ltd
Lasseters Casino Pty Ltd
D2003-0903 (HTML)
D2003-0903 (Word)
Owens Corning Fiberglas Tech-nology, IncHammerstonecultured-stone.comTransfer
D2003-0904 (HTML)
D2003-0904 (Word)
Athena’s Home Novelties, Inc.I Leased My
Midnight Madness
D2003-0905 (HTML)
D2003-0905 (Word)
Ticketmaster CorporationYong
D2003-0906 (HTML)
D2003-0906 (Word)
Lanifici Riuniti Biella S.p.A.Ms. Carolina Beverliziolanificiriunitibiella.comTransfer
D2003-0907 (HTML)
D2003-0907 (Word)
CareerBuilder, Inc.John Morgancarerbuilder.comTransfer
D2003-0908 (HTML)
D2003-0908 (Word)
Bayer AGDaniel H. Davies, Interplanetarium Corp.bayaspirina.comTransfer
D2003-0909 (HTML)
D2003-0909 (Word)
Red Universal de Marketing y Bookings Online, S.A.Rumbos Peru o RUMBO PERU S.A.C.rumboperu.comTransfer
D2003-0910Veolia Environnement-violia.comTerminated
D2003-0911Deutsche Telekom AG-tmobilesms.comTerminated
D2003-0912 (HTML)
D2003-0912 (Word)
British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc.
British Sky Broadcasting Limited
Anti-Globalization Domainswwwskysports.comTransfer
D2003-0913 (HTML)
D2003-0913 (Word)
Infovista SAInfovista Technology LLC/Samir Rahmaninfovistausa.comComplaint denied
D2003-0914 (HTML)
D2003-0914 (Word)
Buongiorno Vitaminic S.p.A.Olga Gattowwwbuongiorno.comTransfer
D2003-0915 (HTML)
D2003-0915 (Word)
FleetBoston Financial CorporationAlbert Jacksonfleethomelinkfleet.comTransfer
D2003-0916 (HTML)
D2003-0916 (Word)
Lonely Planet Publications Pty LtdVladimir
D2003-0917 (HTML)
D2003-0917 (Word)
G. Bellentani 1821 S.p.A.Ms. Efisia Cuccureddabellentani1821.comTransfer
D2003-0919 (HTML)
D2003-0919 (Word)
Microsoft CorporationModern Limited - Cayman Web Developmentwindowsmediaplayer.comTransfer
D2003-0920 (HTML)
D2003-0920 (Word)
Asia Pacific Breweries LimitedChris Kwananchorbeer.comTransfer
D2003-0921 (HTML)
D2003-0921 (Word)
QNX Software Systems Ltd.Future Media Architects, Inc
Thunayan K AL-Ghanim
D2003-0922 (HTML)
D2003-0922 (Word)
Six Continents Hotels, Inc.Albert
D2003-0923 (HTML)
D2003-0923 (Word)
2Advanced Studios LLCDreamrack, Inc.2advanced.orgComplaint denied
D2003-0924Alfred Ritter GMBH & CO. KG-rittersport.comTerminated
D2003-0925LG Electronics Co., Ltd.-lgmobile.comTerminated
D2003-0926 (HTML)
D2003-0926 (Word)
R.E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd.Wang Zhi Zhu Ce Yong Hu/Ying ter Wang Ju Le Bu Ltd.rerogersindia.comTransfer
D2003-0927 (HTML)
D2003-0927 (Word)
Net2Phone, Inc.J.N. Atala & Cia S.A.net2phoneperu.comTransfer
D2003-0928 (HTML)
D2003-0928 (Word)
Loreena McKennitt
Quinlan Road Ltd.
John Zuccarini The Cupcake
D2003-0929 (HTML)
D2003-0929 (Word)
Edgar Snyder & Associates, L.L.C.Henry
D2003-0930Conrey Publications, Inc.-cheri.comTerminated
D2003-0931 (HTML)
D2003-0931 (Word)
Centrale del Latte di Torino & C. S.p.A.Mr. Stanley Filoramolattepiemonte.comTransfer
D2003-0932 (HTML)
D2003-0932 (Word)
GfE Gesellschaft für Elektrometallurgie mbHGrace Expressgfe.comComplaint denied
D2003-0933Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.-boozeallen.comTerminated
D2003-0934 (HTML)
D2003-0934 (Word)
Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc.Selwyn
Complaint denied
D2003-0935 (HTML)
D2003-0935 (Word)
Microsoft CorporationSolutions Internationalmicrosoftbasics.comTransfer
D2003-0936 (HTML)
D2003-0936 (Word)
Consitex S.A.
Ermenegildo Zegna Corporation
Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna & Figli S.p.A.
Ms. Girolama Pralormozegnaermenegildo.bizTransfer
D2003-0937 (HTML)
D2003-0937 (Word)
Cleanfilm, Inc.Stephen Van Somerencleanfilm.comTransfer
D2003-0938 (HTML)
D2003-0938 (Word)
Microsoft Corporationdomain for sale 111.221.444xboxtrucchi.comTransfer
D2003-0939 (HTML)
D2003-0939 (Word)
NHN CorporationNHN Corp.nhn.comTransfer
D2003-0940 (HTML)
D2003-0940 (Word)
VallourecVinayak Kulkarnivallourec.comTransfer
D2003-0941 (HTML)
D2003-0941 (Word)
Mr. Diego Della ValleMr. Stanley Filoramodiegodellavalle.infoTransfer
D2003-0942 (HTML)
D2003-0942 (Word)
HQUK LimitedHead Quartershq-hair.comTransfer
D2003-0943 (HTML)
D2003-0943 (Word)
PepsiCo, Inc.Peter Chenpepsicola.netTransfer
D2003-0944 (HTML)
D2003-0944 (Word)
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.XC2marthastewartkids.comTransfer
D2003-0945 (HTML)
D2003-0945 (Word)
The Manufacturers Life Insurance CompanyCanaccord Capital Corp.
D2003-0947 (HTML)
D2003-0947 (Word)
Trucklife LimitedAndrew Harris
Truckstop Supply Co. Limited
D2003-0948 (HTML)
D2003-0948 (Word)
Caracol Primera Cadena Radial Colombiana S.A. b/d/a Caracol S.A.Diego Rubianocaracolny.comComplaint denied
D2003-0949 (HTML)
D2003-0949 (Word)
P.T. Bali Discovery ToursMr. Mark Austin c/o Jack Daniels Fan Clubbalidiscovery.orgComplaint denied
D2003-0950 (HTML)
D2003-0950 (Word)
Posten ABControlAltDeleteposten.comTransfer
D2003-0951 (HTML)
D2003-0951 (Word)
Deutsche Telekom AGRainer Dillschnittertelekom24.comTransfer
D2003-0952 (HTML)
D2003-0952 (Word)
Philippine Cut Flower CorporationThe EDCOMM Groupislandrose.comComplaint denied
D2003-0953 (HTML)
D2003-0953 (Word)
S.p.A. Egidio GalbaniMs. Jenny Saputomozzarellavallelata.comTransfer
D2003-0954 (HTML)
D2003-0954 (Word)
Cincinnati Bell, Inc.Henry
D2003-0955 (HTML)
D2003-0955 (Word)
Sociedade de Lotarias e Apostas Mutuas de Macau, LdaJinhui guangzhou Guangdongmacauslot.infoTransfer
D2003-0956 (HTML)
D2003-0956 (Word)
CONNOR TRIPbentylol.comTransfer
D2003-0957Merck KGaA-nasivin.netTerminated
D2003-0958 (HTML)
D2003-0958 (Word)
Olymp Bezner GmbH & Co. KGOlympus Access Serviceolymp.comComplaint denied
D2003-0959 (HTML)
D2003-0959 (Word) (International) LtdWade Ingram/digiGroupsunibets.comTransfer
D2003-0960 (HTML)
D2003-0960 (Word)
Douglas W. Lambert
Julie M. Katz
HealthyPets, Inc.
D2003-0961 (HTML)
D2003-0961 (Word)
Biogen Idec MA Inc.Seong Choibiogenusa.comTransfer
D2003-0962Tefal S.A.-tfal.comTerminated
D2003-0963 (HTML)
D2003-0963 (Word)
Kabushiki Kaisha ASTY
Kabushiki Kaisha F.D.C. PRODUCTS
D2003-0964 (HTML)
D2003-0964 (Word)
Deanna S.p.A.Worlwide Media Inc.deanna.comComplaint denied
D2003-0965 (HTML)
D2003-0965 (Word)
Inter Ikea Systems B.V.Ikea International Co. Ltd.ikea-int.comTransfer
D2003-0966 (HTML)
D2003-0966 (Word)
Lotte Shopping Co.In-Gu Lee롯데마트.netTransfer
D2003-0967 (HTML)
D2003-0967 (Word)
Harmless Junk, Inc.(John Zuccarini d/b/a) Party Night Inc
(John Zuccarini d/b/a) Phayze Inc
D2003-0968 (HTML)
D2003-0968 (Word)
Yell LimitedBob Groveryellovvpages.comTransfer
D2003-0969 (HTML)
D2003-0969 (Word)
SBO Pictures, Inc. dba WICKED PICTURES ® dba WICKED ®Tech-Media, Ltd.wickedmovies.comTransfer
D2003-0970 (HTML)
D2003-0970 (Word)
Ross-Simons, Inc.Henry
D2003-0971 (HTML)
D2003-0971 (Word)
Ross-Simons, Inc.Citynet
D2003-0972 (HTML)
D2003-0972 (Word)
Ross-Simons, Inc.Domain
D2003-0973 (HTML)
D2003-0973 (Word)
Hollister IncorporatedWristband Resources, Inc.wristticket.comComplaint denied
D2003-0975 (HTML)
D2003-0975 (Word)
Kesko OyjComar Ltd.rautia.comTransfer
D2003-0976 (HTML)
D2003-0976 (Word)
Jack Wolfskin Ausrüstung für Draussen GmbH & Co. KGaAGet Registerjackwolfskin.comTransfer
D2003-0977 (HTML)
D2003-0977 (Word)
Ferrari S.p.A.Vera Daliborferrarivertrieb.comTransfer
D2003-0978 (HTML)
D2003-0978 (Word)
S.p.A. Egidio GalbaniStanley Filoramomozzarellasantalucia.comTransfer
D2003-0979Nicolon Corporation-geotube.comTerminated
D2003-0980 (HTML)
D2003-0980 (Word)
Chippendales USA, LLCLatins Finestchippendalesfinest.comTransfer
D2003-0981 (HTML)
D2003-0981 (Word)
Ferrari S.p.A.Berthold Buehlerferrari-vertrieb.comTransfer
D2003-0982 (HTML)
D2003-0982 (Word)
Gaggia S.p.A.Yokngshen Klianggaggia.comTransfer
D2003-0983 (HTML)
D2003-0983 (Word)
Kambly SA Spécialités de Biscuits SuissesSwiss Connection
D2003-0984 (HTML)
D2003-0984 (Word)
Bank for International SettlementsBFISbfis.netTransfer
D2003-0985 (HTML)
D2003-0985 (Word)
Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers à MonacoInternet Billions Domains
D2003-0986 (HTML)
D2003-0986 (Word)
Bank for International SettlementsBISbankforinternationalsettlement.comTransfer
D2003-0987 (HTML)
D2003-0987 (Word)
Bank for International SettlementsJames Elliottbisonlinedept.comTransfer
D2003-0988American National Insurance Company-americannationalinsurance.comTerminated
D2003-0989 (HTML)
D2003-0989 (Word)
Dassault Aviation
Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault
Mr. Minwoo Parkdassault.comTransfer
D2003-0990JoongAng Ilbo, Inc.-joongangilbo.comTerminated
D2003-0991 (HTML)
D2003-0991 (Word)
The Body Shop International plcDavid Sweetonthebodyshop.orgTransfer
D2003-0992Longs Drug Stores California, Inc.-longdrugs.comTerminated
D2003-0993 (HTML)
D2003-0993 (Word)
TCL International Holdings LimitedDaung Soo Ghim
D2003-0994 (HTML)
D2003-0994 (Word)
D2003-0995 (HTML)
D2003-0995 (Word)
Siemens AktiengesellschaftTelmex Management Services, Inc.siemensjob.comTransfer
D2003-0996 (HTML)
D2003-0996 (Word)
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A.N/Abbvaespana.comTransfer
D2003-0997 (HTML)
D2003-0997 (Word)
Tremco IncorporatedIA Consulting, Inc.tremco.comTransfer
D2003-0998Aventis Pharma SA.
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
D2003-0999CareerBuilder, Inc.-carreerbuilders.comTerminated


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