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The Designs Rules, 1937

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Year of Version 2001 Dates Entry into force: December 16, 1937 Issued: September 30, 1937 Type of Text Implementing Rules/Regulations   Subject Matter Industrial Designs Subject Matter (secondary) IP Regulatory Body Notes This consolidated version of the Designs Rules, 1937 (published in the Gazette Notices G. N No. 1044/37) takes into account amendments introduced by the Rules L.N 171/83, L.N. 29/92 and L.N 66/99. This consolidated version contains provisions that are included thereinto and reprinted. This update was authorized by L.N. 86/1985 and L.N. No. 102/2001.

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The Designs Act, 1937 (Cap. 97, as amended by Act No. 9 of 1975) (JM012)

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