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Patents Act 1983 (Act No. 291, as amended up to Act No. A1264)

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Year of Version 2006 Dates Amended up to: August 16, 2006 Entry into force: October 1, 1986 Published: December 15, 1983 Assented: January 1, 1983 Type of Text Main IP Laws Subject Matter Patents (Inventions), Utility Models Notes This Act is a consolidation of the provisions of the original Patents Act No. 291 of 1983, and the amendments up to and including those of the Patents (Amendment) Act 2006 (Act No. A1264 of 2006).

Available Texts Main text(s) Main text(s) English Patents Act 1983 (Act No. 291, as amended up to Act No. A1264) PDF HTML
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Supersedes (2 text(s)) Supersedes (2 text(s))
Patents Act 1983 (Act 291 of 1983, as amended up to Act No. A 1196 of 2003) (MY064)
Patents Act 1983 (Act No. A291 of 1983, as amended by the Patents (Amendment) Act 1993) (MY006)
Is amended by (6 text(s)) Is amended by (6 text(s))
Patents (Amendment) Act 2006 (Act No. A1264)  (MY046)
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Patents (Amendment) Act 2000 (Act No. A1088)  (MY008)
Patents (Amendment) Act 1993 (Act No. A863)  (MY023)
Patents (Amendment) Act 1986 (Act No. A648)  (MY024)

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