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Regulations to the Law on the Protection of New Plant Varieties (Decree No. 37-2000)

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Year of Version 2001 Dates Entry into force: May 31, 2000 Issued: May 2, 2000 Type of Text Implementing Rules/Regulations   Subject Matter Plant Variety Protection Subject Matter (secondary) IP Regulatory Body

Available Texts Main text(s) Main text(s) Spanish Reglame la Ley de Protección para las Obentiones Vegetales (Decreto N° 37-2000) PDF HTML
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Law No. 318 on the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (revised text in February, 2001)  (NI014)
Relates to (1 text(s)) Relates to (1 text(s))
Law of Organization, Competence and Procedures of the Executive Power (Law No. 290 of 1998) (NI036)

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