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Law No. 06-99 on Free Pricing and Competition (promulgated by Dahir No. 1-00-225 of 2 Rabii I 1421 (June 5, 2000))

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Year of Version 2001 Dates Entry into force: July 6, 2001 Published: July 6, 2000 Promulgated: June 5, 2000 Type of Text IP-related Laws Subject Matter Competition, Undisclosed Information (Trade Secrets), Other Notes The notification by Morocco to the WTO under article 63.2 of TRIPS states: 'The purpose of this Law is to establish a legal framework for free pricing and competition. It ensures transparency and fairness in trade relations. Article 33 of the Law forbids the President of the Competition Council to communicate any document involving business secrets, unless the communication or the consultation of this document is necessary to the proceeding or to the exercise of rights of defence of the parties involved." Title IX, Chapter II, Article 103 of the Law states that it entered into force after one year from the date of its publication in the Official Bulletin.

Available Texts Main text(s) Main text(s) Arabic القانون رقم 06.99 بشأن الأسعار والمنافسة الحرة (الصادر بموجب الظهير رقم 1.00.225 المؤرخ 2 ربيع الأول 1421 (5 يونيو 2000)) PDF French Loi n° 06-99 sur la liberté des prix et de la concurrence (promulguée par Dahir n° 1-00-225 du 2 rabii I 1421 (5 juin 2000)) PDF HTML
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Law No. 30-08 amending and supplementing Law No. 06-99 on Freedom of Prices and Competition (promulgated by Dahir No. 1-09-237 of 18 Muharram 1431 (January 4, 2010)) (MA061)
Is implemented by (1 text(s)) Is implemented by (1 text(s))
Decree No. 2-00-854 of 28 Joumada Il 1422 (September 17, 2001), on the Implementation of Law No. 06-99 on Free Pricing and Competition (MA082)
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Law No. 104-12 on Free Pricing and Competition (promulgated by Dahir No. 1-14-116 du 2 ramadan 1435 (June 30, 2014)) (MA076)
Law No. 20-13 on Competition Council (promulgated by Dahir No. 1-14-117 of 2 Ramadan 1435 (June 30, 2014)) (MA093)
Law No. 31-08 on Consumer Protection Measures (promulgated by Dahir No. 1.11.03 Rabi'i I 1432 (February 18, 2011)) (MA077)

WIPO Lex No. MA023