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Law No. 12.035/09 of October 1, 2009 (Olympic Act)

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Year of Version 2016 Dates Entry into force: October 2, 2009 Adopted: October 1, 2009 Type of Text IP-related Laws Subject Matter Trademarks, Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights) Notes Law No. 12.035/09 of October 1, 2009 (also known as the 'Olympic Act') extends legal protection to all properties associated with the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Article 16 of this Law states that it comes into force on the date of its publication, October 2, 2009, subject to the conditions laid down in its Article 1, and shall be valid until December 31, 2016.

Available Texts Main text(s) Main text(s) Portuguese Lei Nº 12.035, de 1º de outubro de 2009 (Lei do Ato Olímpico) PDF HTML
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