ePCT Video Tutorials for Applicants

Watch our ePCT video tutorials to learn how to use ePCT to file and manage PCT applications, upload documents to the International Bureau and participating IP Offices, prepare and submit online Actions after filing, etc.

ePCT video tutorials are currently available in English only.

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A single WIPO account gives access to many of WIPO’s online services by signing in with  Username + Password. Adding strong authentication to a WIPO Account is required for obtaining access to confidential data and documents in ePCT and to prepare, file and manage PCT applications.

ePCT Video Tutorials for Applicants
ePCT Video Tutorials for Applicants
ePCT Video Tutorials for Applicants

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  • French
    • “Série de webinaires : Explorons le PCT” : Fonctionnalités et avantages du dépôt en ligne avec ePCT  (1er Juin 2021) PDF
  • Korean
    • ePCT를 통한 중간서류 제출(2019년 7월 19일PDF, PCT Webinar
    • ePCT이용시 자주하는 질문(RO/KR) (2019년 6월 26일) PDF, PCT Webinar
    • ePCT 소개, WIPO 계정 생성, 강력 인증 없이 ePCT 사용하기, 강력 인증 설정방법, WIPO 계정-특허고객번호 연계, ePCT 화면구성, PCT 출원 접근권한 획득, 접근권한 관리, 부가 기능 (2019년 5월 24일) PDF, PCT Webinar
    • ePCT를 활용한 PCT 출원 및 중간서류 제출 (2019년 3월 26일) PDF, PCT Webinar