ePCT Video Tutorials for IP Offices and Applicants

Watch our video tutorials to learn more about the main ePCT functionalities for IP Offices and Applicants.

Each video provides a step-by-step demonstration of how to use a specific function in ePCT.

Videos for IP Offices

Learn how to perform Office Actions and use the main ePCT Office functionalities in various capacities (Receiving Office, International Searching Authority, International Preliminary Examining Authority and Designated Office).

More videos are available.

Videos for Applicants

Learn how to use ePCT to file and manage PCT applications, upload documents to the International Bureau and participating IP Offices, prepare and submit online Actions after filing, etc.

More videos are available.

ePCT video tutorials are currently available in English only.

For any suggestion on more ePCT video tutorial topics, please contact us.