Sustainability of Innovation and Competition

Meeting codeWIPO/WEBINAR/ASPAC/2022/1
Date and venueNovember 23, 2022 Virtual
Time of sessions10:00 - 12:30 Geneva time (English)

Meeting documents

WIPO/WEBINAR/ASPAC/2022/1/1 PROV.EnglishProvisional ProgramProvisional Program, Complete document (pdf)

Other related documents

WIPO/WEBINAR/ASPAC/2022/1/1/INTRODUCTIONEnglishSlides of IntroductionSlides of Introduction, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/WEBINAR/ASPAC/2022/1/1/OKSENEnglishSlides of Mr. Peter OksenSlides of Mr. Peter Oksen, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/WEBINAR/ASPAC/2022/1/2/VISEVICEnglishSlides of Mr. Danijel VisevicSlides of Mr. Danijel Visevic, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/WEBINAR/ASPAC/2022/1/3/NAPOLITANOEnglishSlides of Mr. Giovanni NapolitanoSlides of Mr. Giovanni Napolitano, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/WEBINAR/ASPAC/2022/1/4/MAXIMIANOEnglishSlides of Mr. Ruben MaximianoSlides of Mr. Ruben Maximiano, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/WEBINAR/ASPAC/2022/1/5/HEINEMANNEnglishSlides of Prof. Andreas HeinemannSlides of Prof. Andreas Heinemann, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/WEBINAR/ASPAC/2022/1/6/MEIER-EWERTEnglishSlides of Mr. Wolf Meier-EwertSlides of Mr. Wolf Meier-Ewert, Complete document (pdf)