WIPO Standard ST.86 Task Force: Background Information

Document Reference
Report of the third session of the CWS CWS/3/14
Report of the second session of the CWS CWS/2/14
Roadmap for the development of WIPO standards dealing with XML CWS/2/3

Informal meeting of the Task Forces dealing with XML Standards (Geneva - May 2, 2012)


Informal Consultation on WIPO XML Standards (Alexandria - December 5 to 9, 2011)

Report of the first session of the CWS CWS/1/10
Report of the eleventh session of SDWG SCIT/SDWG/11/14
WIKI Confluence – eForum Platform for Task Forces Presentation SCIT/SDWG/11 PDF
Report of the tenth session of the SDWG SCIT/SDWG/10/12
Report of the ninth session of the SDWG SCIT/SDWG/9/12
WIPO Standard ST.86 SCIT/SDWG/9/7
Informal meeting of the XML Task Forces (Geneva - October 22 to 24, 2007)

Informal meeting of the ST.66 and ST.86 Task Forces (Alicante - June 18 to 21, 2007)
Report of the eighth session of the SDWG SCIT/SDWG/8/14
WIPO Standards

List of WIPO Standards
WIPO Standard ST.86
ST.86 XML Materials