STOP Cases in .biz
Listing of all Cases

The domain names listed below are subject to Complaints under the Start-up Trademark Opposition Policy for .biz. The list is regularly updated. Cases are only posted after they have been assigned a WIPO case number. The outcomes of individual Complaints will be posted as they become available, together with the names of the Complainant and the Respondent.

Last updated: 13-Jun-2003

Case number Status case Domain
DBIZ2002-00200 Decided
DBIZ2002-00201 Decided
DBIZ2002-00202 Decided
DBIZ2002-00203 Decided
DBIZ2002-00204 Decided
DBIZ2002-00205 Decided
DBIZ2002-00206 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00207 Decided
DBIZ2002-00208 Decided
DBIZ2002-00209 Decided
DBIZ2002-00210 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00211 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00212 Decided
DBIZ2002-00213 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00214 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00215 Decided
DBIZ2002-00216 Decided
DBIZ2002-00217 Decided
DBIZ2002-00218 Decided
DBIZ2002-00219 Decided
DBIZ2002-00220 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00221 Decided
DBIZ2002-00222 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00223 Decided
DBIZ2002-00224 Decided
DBIZ2002-00225 Decided
DBIZ2002-00226 Decided
DBIZ2002-00227 Decided
DBIZ2002-00228 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00229 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00230 Decided
DBIZ2002-00231 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00232 Decided
DBIZ2002-00233 Decided
DBIZ2002-00234 Decided
DBIZ2002-00235 Decided
DBIZ2002-00236 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00237 Decided
DBIZ2002-00238 Decided
DBIZ2002-00239 Decided
DBIZ2002-00240 Decided
DBIZ2002-00241 Decided
DBIZ2002-00242 Decided
DBIZ2002-00243 Decided
DBIZ2002-00244 Decided
DBIZ2002-00245 Decided
DBIZ2002-00246 Decided
DBIZ2002-00247 Decided
DBIZ2002-00248 Decided
DBIZ2002-00249 Decided
DBIZ2002-00250 Decided
DBIZ2002-00251 Decided
DBIZ2002-00252 Decided
DBIZ2002-00253 Decided
DBIZ2002-00254 Decided
DBIZ2002-00255 Decided
DBIZ2002-00256 Decided
DBIZ2002-00257 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00258 Decided
DBIZ2002-00259 Decided
DBIZ2002-00260 Decided
DBIZ2002-00261 Decided
DBIZ2002-00262 Decided
DBIZ2002-00263 Decided
DBIZ2002-00264 Decided
DBIZ2002-00265 Decided
DBIZ2002-00266 Decided
DBIZ2002-00267 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00268 Decided
DBIZ2002-00269 Decided
DBIZ2002-00270 Decided
DBIZ2002-00271 Decided
DBIZ2002-00272 Decided
DBIZ2002-00273 Terminated
DBIZ2002-00274 Decided
DBIZ2002-00275 Decided
DBIZ2002-00276 Decided
DBIZ2002-00277 Decided
DBIZ2002-00278 Decided
DBIZ2002-00279 Decided
DBIZ2002-00280 Decided
DBIZ2002-00281 Decided
DBIZ2002-00282 Decided
DBIZ2002-00283 Decided
DBIZ2002-00284 Decided
DBIZ2002-00285 Decided