WIPO's Sector Leads

WIPO's Sector Leads play an important role as senior leaders of the Organization. Collectively, and together with the Director General, they set the tone at the top. As a team, they are responsible not just for strategy and leadership but also translating strategy into concrete plans, initiatives and actions.

Deputy Director General

FORBIN Sylvie - Copyright and Creative Industries Sector

Deputy Director General Sylvie Forbin (France) is responsible for the Organization’s programs relating to copyright and related rights; and its work in supporting creators and the creative industries.

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Photo: FORBIN Sylvie
FORBIN Sylvie (Photo: WIPO | Berrod)

Deputy Director General

JORGENSON Lisa - Patents and Technology Sector

Deputy Director General Lisa Jorgenson (United States of America) administers the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and the Organization’s programs relating to the law of patents, as well as their full practical application.

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JORGENSON Lisa (Photo: WIPO | Berrod)

Deputy Director General

KLEIB Hasan - Regional and National Development Sector

Deputy Director General Hasan Kleib (Indonesia) is responsible for the Organization’s programs relating to the WIPO Development Agenda; the use of IP to support the growth and development, in an impactful manner, of developing countries and their relevant regions and sub-regions, and support, in particular, to least developed countries (LDCs).


Photo: KLEIB Hasan

Deputy Director General

WANG Binying - Brands and Designs Sector

Deputy Director General Binying Wang (China) administers the Madrid System for International Trademark Registrations; the Hague System for International Design Registrations; the Lisbon System for International Registrations of Appellations of Origin; and the Organization’s programs relating to the law of trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications, as well as their full practical application.

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Photo: WANG Binying
WANG Binying (Photo: WIPO | Berrod)

Assistant Director General

ALEMAN Marco - IP and Innovation Ecosystems Sector

Assistant Director General Marco Aleman (Colombia) is responsible for support for researchers and SMEs in commercializing IP and using it for business growth; the emergence of IP as an asset class; and the development of legislative and policy advisory expertise in these areas and beyond.


Photo: ALEMAN Marco
ALEMAN Marco (Photo: WIPO | Berrod)

Assistant Director General

KWAKWA Edward - Global Challenges and Partnerships Sector

Assistant Director General Edward Kwakwa (Ghana) oversees the Global Challenges and Partnerships Sector. The Sector covers issues relating to traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions, and genetic resources; leads efforts to work with other UN agencies and international organizations on cross-cutting global issues; builds on and expands partnerships with stakeholders, including those from international, business and civil society sectors; and reaches out to new stakeholders such as youth.


Photo: KWAKWA Edward
KWAKWA Edward (Photo: WIPO | Berrod)

Assistant Director General

NATSUME Kenichiro - Infrastructure and Platforms Sector

Assistant Director General Kenichiro Natsume (Japan) leads the Infrastructure and Platforms Sector. The sector develops, implements and maintains the various databases, tools and platforms of the Organization that are targeted at and used by IP offices, IP professionals, researchers, and other specialized users in national, regional and global IP and innovation ecosystems. The sector also covers the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence to enhance and support the effectiveness and impact of these databases, tools and platforms.

Full CV PDF, NATSUME Kenichiro CV

Photo: NATSUME Kenichiro
NATSUME Kenichiro (Photo: WIPO | Berrod)

Assistant Director General

STAINES Andrew - Administration, Finance and Management Sector

Assistant Director General Andrew Staines (United Kingdom) is responsible for key administrative functions that underpin the operational success and financial viability of the Organization, including: Legal; Finance; Program Performance and Budget; Information and Communication Technology, Digitalization and Data; Procurement and Travel Services; Conference and Language Services; Safety and Security; and Premises and Infrastructure.


Photo: STAINES Andrew
STAINES Andrew (Photo: WIPO | Berrod)