Law on Criminal Procedure

Year of Version:1993
Date of Entry into Force:June 28, 1993
Date of Text (Enacted):February 8, 1993
Type of Text:IP-related Laws: enacted by the Legislature
Subject Matter:Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Other
This law was made in 1993 by the State of Cambodia, the predecessor state of the current Kingdom of Cambodia. The State of Cambodia law remains an important part of the criminal law as it is applied in Cambodia.

Criminal IP Rights Enforcement are entrusted to Police authorities and competent courts and jurisdiction (including appeal).

Police authorities consist of economic police and the other police units. Economic police is the main authority mandated to handle commercial and IP case. The other police units are required to cooperate with economic police to handle those case of the commercial and IP nature. Economic police is posted in municipal and provincial level.
See Chapter II. Judiciary Police, Articles 35-38.

There are 21 provincial courts and 03 municipal courts, one appeal court and one supreme court (located only in the capital city).
See Chapter Chapter V (Provincial or Municipal Court), Chapter VI (The Appeal Court), Chapter VII (The Supreme Court).
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