WIPO Re:Search

WIPO Re:Search catalyzes the development of medical products for neglected tropical diseases, malaria, and tuberculosis through innovative research partnerships and knowledge sharing.

WIPO Re:Search was established in 2011 by the World Intellectual Property Organization in collaboration with BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) and with the active participation of leading pharmaceutical companies and other private and public sector research organizations. Find out more about WIPO Re:Search.

WIPO Re:Search allows organizations to share their intellectual property, compounds, expertise, facilities and know-how royalty-free with qualified researchers worldwide working on new solutions for NTDs, malaria and tuberculosis.

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), malaria and tuberculosis affect more than one billion people across the globe.

Although recent years have seen the arrival of new R&D models and extra resources, there remains a pressing need to bridge research gaps and bring together knowledge, skills and infrastructure from the private, non-profit, and academic sectors.

The intellectual property (IP), resources, and know-how available via WIPO Re:Search accelerate research into NTDs, malaria, and tuberculosis. In turn this increases the chances of success and reduces development costs.

  • WIPO Re:Search offers its members access to an extensive range of knowledge assets, compounds, technology, and expertise provided by other private and public sector members. This saves scientists valuable resources and time.
  • The Partnership Hub, led by BIO Ventures for Global Health, proactively identifies opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing between members.
  • WIPO Re:Search facilitates access to private-sector compounds and compound libraries, helping to repurpose drugs.
  • It acts as a gateway to a range of development-related tools, including training in IP management.

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Video – Learn more about WIPO Re:Search by hearing first-hand from Fellows and participating institutions about what inspired them to collaborate.

WIPO Re:Search activities


Researchers can search our database of intellectual property assets available for license or collaboration. It includes compounds, data, enabling technologies, know-how and much more.


Our partner BIO Ventures for Global Health facilitates research collaborations between WIPO Re:Search members, which include biopharmaceutical companies, universities, public and private sector institutes, and non-governmental organizations.

Supporting services

WIPO Re:Search contributes to capacity building in developing countries through its sabbatical program for research scientists. WIPO Re:Search also facilitates practical training for developing country members in intellectual property management.

The Challenge: neglected tropical diseases in least developed countries

More than one billion people are affected by neglected tropical diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis each year. Ten million people die from these diseases annually. Millions more are so incapacitated by disease that they are unable to work, care for themselves, or care for their children. These diseases predominantly affect the poorest people in least developed countries.

Despite the prevalence of these diseases, treatment options are limited due to decades of underinvestment. There is therefore an urgent need for new and better drugs, diagnostics and vaccines.

WIPO Re:Search stimulates more research and development for new and better treatment options for those suffering from these conditions.

Video – Hear from our members how WIPO Re:Search is contributing to the fight against neglected tropical diseases.