6th Advanced Intellectual Property Research Seminar: Selected Topics on Cultural and Legal Pluralism in IP Law, Geneva, Switzerland May 29 - 31, 2012

Unique groups, such as academics, the open source community, amateurs, or indigenous communities (of traditional knowledge) have different visions, understandings and expectations from property and competition law pertaining to the protection of intangibles.

The purpose of the Sixth WIPO IP Advanced Research Forum was to exemplify and critically examine the complexities and difficulties arising from the diversification and expansion of interests related to IP law and to explore different venues in which this fragmentation is being handled (in global norms and in national legislation). In this context, areas such as trade barriers, global policies affecting the internet and the entertainment industries, were also explored.

The WIPO Advanced IP Research Forum aims at increasing the dialog between students and experts working on practical applied aspects and applications of the use of intellectual property.  The Forum targets researchers, academics, students, practitioners, and thinkers who look into models of economic, legal and management of IP rights.  It therefore encourages and supports interested students with advanced degrees to submit works in progress in the respective field to be presented and commented during the Forum.

Relevant Documents/Publications:

  • PDF, Intellectual Property Teaching in Countries in Transition Program
  • ppt Improvement Patenting in Pharmaceuticals: Innovative? Or Anti-innovative?  - Hyewon Ah
  • ppt Intellectual Property and Clean Technology in the context of the European Legal Framework - Marisa Aranda
  • ppt Hargreave's Report and The Digital Copyright Exchange - Elise Baun
  • PDF, Intellectual Property Teaching in Countries in Transition Conceiving an Adequate System of Access to Orphan Works: What Role for Collective Management? - Oleksandr Bolenko
  • PDF, Intellectual Property Teaching in Countries in Transition Creating Global Trademark Licensing Policies: A European Perspective - Jacques de Werra
  • ppt A Comparative Analysis of Patent Post-Grant Review Procedures in the U.S., Europe, China and Japan.- Alicia Esposito  
  • ppt Harmonizing Enforcement of IP Rights at Global Level: Is ACTA the Right Answer? - Christophe Geiger  
  • ppt Shaping Copyright Policies for Online Music Sector in China: A Focus on Enforcement - Kan He  
  • ppt The Optimal Drafting of Copyright Exceptions - Emily Hudson  
  • ppt The Notion of Originality in Europe – A Flexible Criterion Adapting to a Variety of Interests -Eva-Marie König
  • ppt Conventional IP and Indigenous Heritage: The Case for Complementarities and Synergies -Eliamani Laltaika
  • PDF, Intellectual Property Teaching in Countries in Transition Legal Pluralism in Patenting - A more pluralistic regulation of cloud comput ing patents? - Nari Lee
  • ppt Data Exclusivity in Free Trade Agreements and Access to Originator (R&D Pharma) Medicine - Owais Hassan Shaikh  
  • ppt Pluralism and Complexity in Copyright Law - Pessah
  • ppt Networked Innovation: Solutions for Local and Regional Needs -Matt Rainey (WIPO)  
  • ppt Tranformative use - Hein Scholtens
  • ppt Diversity versus Unity:Reflections on the Future of Copyright Law in the European Union - Franciska Schönherr
  • ppt Trademark Law and the Public - Domain Martin Senftleben
  • ppt Data Exclusivity Provisions in Selected Free Trade Agreements  - Owais Hassan Shaikh (Max Planc ist.)
  • ppt IP and Traditional Knowledge - Wend Wendland (WIPO)
  • ppt Remix - Wijnnobel, Westerlaken