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Internal Oversight Division

The Internal Oversight Division (IOD) is an independent internal oversight body. It supports the Director General in his management responsibilities and assists program managers in attaining WIPO’s objectives.  The work of the IOD is governed by the Internal Oversight Charter PDF, Internal Oversight Charter approved by the WIPO General Assembly.

The IOD carries out objective, systematic and independent reviews of program implementation and operations including:

  • Audits - assessing the adequacy of management controls to ensure cost-efficient and accountable operations.
  • Evaluations - analyzing and assessing program results to improve current implementation and performance as well as future planning.
  • Investigations - examining possible wrongdoing and identifying vulnerable areas where fraudulent activity might occur.
  • Oversight Reports - Internal audit and evaluation reports, as well as Management Implication Reports resulting from investigations, are published on the WIPO website within 30 days of their issuance.  If required to protect security, safety or privacy, the Director, IOD may, at his/her discretion, withold a report in its entirety or redact parts of it.

Report misconduct or possible wrongdoing

In accordance with WIPO's Internal Oversight Charter (paragraph 24(b)), IOD would be grateful for Member States' comments on the enclosed draft Report Publication Policy PDF, draft report publication policy.

Who audits/evaluates the auditors/evaluators?

An independent external quality team assessed the internal audit function and gave it the highest possible rating of generally conforms with the standards. PDF, Internal Quality Audit Assessment

An independent external team assessed the evaluation function. The review concludes that overall, the evaluation function is generally consistent with UNEG norms and standards. PDF, External Quality Assessment of the Evaluation Function

Annual summary reports Archive

Other documents

  • List of open Independent Audit and Oversight Committee recommendations PDF, Open Independent Audit and Oversight Committee Recommendations
  • Validation of the 2012-2013 Program Performance Report PDF, Validation of the 2012-2013 Program Performance Report

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