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Internal Audits

Internal audits provide an independent and objective assessment of WIPO’s business processes and systems, risk management, control and governance processes.

  • The 2012-2015 Internal Audit Strategy PDF, Internal Audit Strategy defines the priorities of internal audits, based on the Organization’s strategic goals.
  • WIPO’s Internal Audit Manual PDF, Internal Audit Manual establishes the key policies and procedures governing internal audit activity.

Internal Audit Reports

Internal audit reports are submitted to the Director General, the Independent Advisory Oversight Committee (IAOC), and the External Auditor.  Internal audit and evaluation reports are, upon request, made available to member states.

Latest Internal Audit Reports

  • Audit of Events Management (July 2, 2014)
  • Audit of Staff Benefits and Entitlements (June 24, 2014)
  • Audit of Results Based Management (March 14, 2014)
  • Audit of Information Security at WIPO (February 25, 2014)
  • Management of Staff Separation from Service (February 25, 2014)
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Internal Audit Documents and Links

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