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Constitution of the Republic of Albania

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Year of Version 2008 Dates Amended up to: April 21, 2008 Entry into force: November 28, 1998 Adopted: October 21, 1998 Type of Text Constitution/Basic Law Subject Matter Other Notes The Constitution of the Republic of Albania was adopted by the Parliament on November 22, 1998, and this consolidated version of the Constitution takes into account amendments up to "Law No. 9904 of April 21, 2008". The Constitution enshrines democratic values and establishes a national, sovereign, independent, unitary and indivisible state. As the fundamental law of Republic of Albania, the Constitution specifies the structure of the government of Albania, the rights and duties of the country's citizens, the procedure for passing laws and defines Albania as a parliamentary republic based on the separation and balancing of legislative, executive and judicial powers (Article 7). The unicameral Parliament represents the legislative branch. The executive branch is represented by the President as Chief of State, Prime Minister as the Head of Government and the Council of Ministers. The judicial branch is composed by the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court and multiple Appeal and District Courts. The Albanian legal system belongs to the civil law tradition; under which, typically, only the Constitution and statutory laws constitute the primary sources of law in Albania. The Albanian Constitution contains specific provisions on intellectual property. According to Article 58, “Copyright is protected by law”. Moreover, this fundamental law guarantees protection of national symbols (Article 14), freedom of expression (Articles 10, 22, 23, 24 and 58), secrecy of correspondence (Article 36) and the right of private property (Articles 11 and 41), which can be extended to intellectual property rights.

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