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Penal Code (India Act XLV, 1860)

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Year of Version 1861 Dates Enacted: May 1, 1981 Type of Text IP-related Laws Subject Matter Trademarks, Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Other Notes The Penal Code, 1860 of Myanmar, also known as the "India Act XLV, 1860", which was enacted in India on October 6, 1860 and published on May 1, 1861. The Penal Code contains provisions relating to the definition of a trademark and trademark infringement (see Section 478, 480, 482, 483 and 485 to 488).

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Penal Code (India Act XLV, 1860) (as amended up to Law No. 10/2019 of March 25, 2019) (MM027)

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