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Copyright Act, 1911

Repealed Text 
Year of Version 1914 Dates Entry into force: February 24, 1914 Promulgated: February 24, 1914 Type of Text Main IP Laws Subject Matter Industrial Designs, Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights), Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Notes The Copyright Act, 1911 (formerly known as Indian Act III, 1914). It was promulgated in 1914 (also known as the "Copyright Act 1914"). The legal provisions contained in the Act are mainly based on the Copyright Act of United Kingdom, which was enacted in 1911. No registration procedure has been instituted in spite of the existence of this Act. The Act does not prescribe copyright of other country to be recorded in Myanmar and copyright obtained in other countries can not be enforced in the country.

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