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The Patents (Amendment) Regulations, 1981, Zambia

Repealed Text 
Details Details Year of Version 1981 Dates Adopted: February 18, 1981 Type of Text Implementing Rules/Regulations Subject Matter Patents (Inventions)

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Main text(s) Main text(s) English The Patents (Amendment) Regulations, 1981        

The Patents (Amendment) Regulations; 198J

IN EXEROISE of the powers contained in seotion1~i.net;IJ-/Ji:r of lIhePa.tentaAot,"thefoUowingRegulations are herebymade':

I.,These Regulations may becited as the Patents (Amend'I'rblo and


ment) Regulations, 1981, and shall be read aaone with the Patents Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the principal Cap 692,


Regula.tiOl1&) and shall apply in respeet of business conducted after thepublioatioll hereof.

2. 'Theprillcipal Regulations are amended by the deletion Replucemeu]. of li~il'lIt

of the First Soheduleand the subsbisubien therefor of the


First Schedule containedill the Appendix hereto. .


LUSAKA Minister, oj Commerce and Jnd~t8t1'?1 18th February, 1981



(Regulation 2)


(Ref/,ulldion 70)

FEI!JR l'AYADLE oro '1'111£ PA'l'EWr OF~'ICJ~


Putents Matter Am",,,..1 Pm'lII N".


  1. On applioution for lL ImLont (non-nouveubion] oa,lIO
  2. On oonvontion u.pplioation ill respect of each u.ppliol\tion for protection in a convention country ., 11:1.011
  3. On appliootion for II. po.tunt of uddiuion . . O:UltJ 400l,l appliootioll for grant 'of110 patent of uddibion
'instead of an independent putont . ' .. 0!'i.1I11 '.\
50 On lodging speoifiou.tioll-
Provisional W.OII oj
Completo .. (\(1.00 Ii

fto Ij·o.I·\lxtelltlioJl of tho period for ludgill/,l OUHlploto

epooifiou.tion . . . . . . . . .. 15.UII 7 ---~-----_._---------".~_.~-_.............

OOfJieH ~f t/l.i,~ ."ltatutor/I InBtrume,.L carl b6"lItlll-lind frll,1I tlUI.a","'ml1lll1lt p~, , P.O. lJI/X:1O\:\li. r,Il,/j'tloll. Pri"B lOll '~lrlI.

StatuJ.ory I nstrument« 27th ji'ebrua,ry, Ig,U

Item 111auer Amount


  1. On request for post-duting of lUI application
    under seotion 17 (1) .. 10.00

  2. For extension of time under secsiou 20-
    not exceeding one month


not exceeding two months 16.00 110texceeding three months 24.00

D.h'or eaoh extension of time under section 21 02.00

  1. On application fol' withdrawal of acoeptenee 02.00
  2. On Il~)tice of opposition to .gru,lIt of patent. By obJeCtor ._ .. .. .. .. ..' 10.00
  3. 'On a olaim under seetion 23 (1) forappliootion to proceed in name of olairnanbs .. 04.00 1lI.0n.apptioatitln fol' dirootioJUI under aeosien 23 (6) 12.00 14,.Onarequ681; fol' sealing ofa patent 30.00

Ii. On ,appliOllotion for exsension of the period for
req.u6stin'r the l18aJingof "patMt under pro
viao (iv) to section 25(2)

not exceeding one month


not 8JCoeediug two months .. 16.00 not; exceeding three months .. 24.00

16. On applioutioll for extension of tho period for
requesting the lIealingof up/ltent under proviso (v) to secsion 25 (2)

not exceeding On6 month 08.00} each eucooediugmonth 08.00

Ii. On.apphcutiou under sectaon .26 for amendment
ofpatent .. ,. ., .. ., 05.00

18. 011 application for eeruifioute of pu.yment of
renewal feo-

Before the expirutron of theSrd yell I' of the term of II patent and in respect of tho 4th ye>lor,. .~ ·17.00

Before tho ex pirabion of thu 4th year of tbe torm of a patent andin respeet of the 6th year,. " OU.OO

Before the expiration of the 5th year of the term of110 p"tont and in reapeet ofthtl6th year . . 53.00

Before the expiration of thtl 6th yeur of the term of u putout lind in reepeot of tho 7th yeB.I' , . 119.00

Before the expimtion of the 7th your of the torm of" patent and in respeot of the 11th

YOlLr . , 1Il\.00

Before the expirunion of tho 8toh yelLr of the term of II [Iutent and in l'OSpect of tho ltoh yOM.. 74.00

", ..;

Before tho expirution of the 9th yoar of tho

term of.. plIotontILUd in. respect of the 10th

yOlll' ., 8~fOO

Before thlloxpirutioll of the 10th year oftlre ilorm ofu patent urrd in respect of the 11th yoal' .. ,. ~2.UO

Boforellho expin.tion oftho llth year ofthe torIU ofu patent ILndin reapoot. ofthe 1:l'h year, . . . 104.00 Before the expimtioJl of IIhtt 121;h yelLl' of 1;l1e ~rI1l ofa pllt(mt und in re8~ofthe13th year ,, •. II(I.OIl













111 19 19 19 19



It 19

27th !1'IlG.l'UIUOY, I !18l S/ut'ulo'fY l usirurnenis

116m Amoun:


Before tho tlxpimtion orthe lath y...... oftllo

turm ofn pntont und ill l'OKptlct oftho 14th

Yl)ar' . . . . UtI.UIl

Before tho tlxpil'1l.tiu/l ofthtl 14th Y61... ofth.a

tlll'm ofapntollt und m roapeet offlh" f Gth

yUILl' .. ,• 140.00

Before the expiration ofthtl fIlth yeur ofbhe ttlI'm ofII. patont und in rotlpoot of thtl 1(lth year. . . . 152.00

For a patout uxtouded beyond Hi y"""'s under sactioll 30 and in reapect of each year ofthe exbenaion .. 162.00

(One-half only of thailtl lees it<~yablo on patents endorsed .. Lieences of Right ")

    1. On extension of tho period for payruens of renewal foos-
    2. not exceeding one month not exceeding two months not-exceeding throe months. . not exceeding foul' months not exceeding five mouths .. not exceeding .six months
  1. Oertdfieate of pu.ymentof renewal foo



36.00 f




21. On upplioutiou for ro~t'm~tioll of lupsed patont lIIu.OO

  1. On notice ofopposition to 'I.pplioation for ro"tnrll.tion of lapsed pato/lt
  2. O~, ~ppliclltlOll .for .:mdorliomollt of patent Lieeuoes of 1~lght " ..
  3. On applicabion for ijettlaffitlnt of terms of licenoe under patent endorsed " Licences of Right"
  4. Oil application by p,.ttlntoo for olloncelillotion of endorsement of plltont .. Licences of Right" (Seotion 36(1)) ., .. .. .. ..
  5. On upplicusion for ounooll.....tion of endoraemant "I,ioelloes of Right" (Soobion 311 (2)
  6. On notice of opposibiou tn oanoollution of 611· dorsement of patent" Lioenoes of Right" ..
  7. On il.pplioution for compulsorv lioonno under seution 37

29, 011 uppHollotion for l~tn'Hlljlllel\t uf provisiouul tlpooifiollotiol\ or of Clo.uplate epeciflcution nut yet accepted

:10. On LlPfllio,~tiol\ fur ,.. U·)jlrIIllOllt »toomplete ..peeilio"liion: After lloOollptu.noo up to litJulilli'-'

By applicu.nt Arta,· sealing. Hy PlLtolltuo

:U. 1"(1('111 "I' mlvul'tillullIolJt uf ""lI"OHt tu lLlIlllnd li!lllOiflO>l,tion

32. 011 nouee of oppoHitiulI tu mlllludlUollt. By objector

:l3. On ..ppliollotiun for ,lil'o"t.i"n" under Mtlotion 47 ((I)

:J4. 011appliOl~tioa fur di"'1(JtillIlH under lloctioll 47 (7)

36. On applioatioll under lloctiolJ 48 (1) tu determine disputes ..

36. 0" offer to aurreuder ,~ pattlut under :iOllt.ion 52.. :17. 011 nonioe of oppositacn to surrender of t4 puteut,

1)0,00 )11.00 20.00

15,00 IU.OII 10.00 :,l,'.OO


:.l5.110 l

30.00 f




12.00 20.0U

06.00 IlI.O(/


PI/tentH 1/'{}/111 No.


















Statutory Jnstrumeni« 27th Fehrut..rv, 1981

,.'., ..,' \-', '

( !orr","pOlldill!l


ltsm Multer ...IUlOU'ILI Form No .


:i8. For altering name, 11lI.tiolU~lity, I\dd,'O"" 1)(' address for service ill rogister-For each patent. 11:,.1111 :111

  1. 0" appliouniuu fOI' rogiHtmtioll or lin mlHiglllllollt under section 58,, ,. ., .. , Ui.O\J 40
  2. On request to enter notioo of interest in ,'ugiHtol' ltl.(JO 4\
  3. 0" request tv correct U ol"l'iol,lol'l'OI' .,UJl to Healing .. OiLOO "'


After sooling' .' 1Il.00 J 42.0Jl notioe ,ofoppositio/l to tl", oorreeuou of lL clericnl error 12.00 4:1

  1. For duplicate of patent 15.00 44
  2. On applioation for regiatratiou [~H patent; ago1l1. 70.00 45 46, Certificate of service 01.00 46
  1. Applioo.tion for ontry of order of court . 04.00 47
  2. Generalform of advertisement .. (All fixed 48
    by the
    tin\(' to

  3. For r.artifying office oopio.., MSS., or photo
    graphic or printed matter other tlmn duplioute


Uii.OO Other ..


49. For general SOI"'oh of rooords-c-of 30 minutes'
duration or part thereof 05.00

60. 1<'01' inspeoting documents-e-
In respect of each application or tile or patent 01.00

51. 1.'01' photographio copy of any speeiflcution or
other document (than 00 patent form) 01' .druw
ing per shoet (same charge maintuinedregard
less of whether or not Patent Offioe equipment
is used to produce suoh copies] , .(Contraot

price 8S fixed by the ;\limster from time to time)

52. For photogrllophic copy of a document whioh ill a
patent form as prescribed under the Third
Schedule of tho Patents Regulations. . . ,(Double

tlm iJho.rge in item No, 51)


eharge maintained ,'ogul'dless of whflther O\' not Putorrt

Omen aqui pll'U) ,I, is IISfHl tu




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