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Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Fees Rules (Chapter 484B), 1997, Hong Kong, China

Latest Version in WIPO Lex
Details Details Year of Version 1997 Dates Entry into force: July 1, 1997 Adopted: July 1, 1997 Type of Text Implementing Rules/Regulations Subject Matter Enforcement of IP and Related Laws Notes The notification by Hong Kong to the WTO under article 63.2 of TRIPS states:
'These rules prescribe the types of fees payable in the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong, China and the scale and method of payment of those fees.'

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Main text(s) Main text(s) Chinese 香港終審法院費用規則(第484B章),1997         English Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Fees Rules (Chapter 484B), 1997        



Gazette Number Version Date

Empowering section L.N. 385 of 1997 01/07/1997

(Cap 484 section 39)

[1 July 1997]

(Originally L.N. 385 of 1997)

Rule: 1 Fees payable in Court L.N. 385 of 1997 01/07/1997

(1) The fees specified in the Schedule are payable in connection with an appeal in the Court in respect of the matters specified.

(2) The Registrar may reduce, remit or defer payment of a fee in any particular case if he thinks fit and where he does so shall endorse on the relevant document a note of the reduction, remission or deferment and the reason therefor.

Rule: 2 Method of payment L.N. 385 of 1997 01/07/1997

Fees shall be paid by means of adhesive stamps or by franking the relevant document.

Rule: 3 Application to HKSAR Government L.N. 385 of 1997 01/07/1997

These Rules apply to proceedings by or against the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Rule: 4 Transitional provision relating to the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Fees (Amendment) Rules 2009

L.N. 16 of 2009; L.N. 18 of 2009


Where a party entitled to require any costs to be taxed has obtained an appointment to tax before the commencement* of rule 3(b) and (c) (“the amending rule”) of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Fees (Amendment) Rules 2009 (L.N. 16 of 2009)—

(a) nothing in the amending rule applies in relation to the taxation; and (b) Fee Nos. 5 and 6 in the Schedule as in force immediately before the commencement of the amending

rule continue to apply in relation to the taxation as if they had not been amended by the amending rule. (L.N. 16 of 2009)

Note: * Commencement date: 2 April 2009.

Schedule: SCHEDULE L.N. 16 of 2009; L.N. 18 of 2009


[rules 1(1) & 4] (L.N. 16 of 2009)

Fee No. Description Fee $

1 On filing- (a) an application for leave to appeal (b) any other originating application

1045 1045


(c) a Notice of Appeal 2090 2 (a) Copy of documents typed in the Registry, per page 36

(b) Additional copies, per page 4 3 (a) Photostatic copy of a document made in the Registry, per page 4

(b) Photostatic copy of a library book, per page 4 4 Search in the Registry-

(a) for the Register of Appeals 18 (b) for each document or file referred to or required 18

5 On filing a notice of commencement of taxation under Order 62, rule 21(1) of the Rules of the High Court (Cap 4 sub. leg. A) (as applied by rule 57 of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Rules (Cap 484 sub. leg. A)), for every $100 or fraction of $100 of the amount claimed- (L.N. 16 of 2009) (a) for the first $100000 6 (b) for the next $150000 4 (c) for the next $250000 3 (d) for the remainder 1

6 Withdrawal of a bill of costs within 7 days after the application for 10% of the taxing fee setting down the taxation under Order 62, rule 21A(1) of the Rules of which would be payable if the High Court (Cap 4 sub. leg. A) (as applied by rule 57 of the Hong the bill was to be allowed Kong Court of Final Appeal Rules (Cap 484 sub. leg. A)) is made in full or $1000 whichever (L.N. 16 of 2009) is the less

7 Authentication of document by the Registrar 125 (L.N. 336 of 2000; L.N. 24 of 2001)



章: 484B 《香港終審法院費用規則》 憲報編號 版本日期

賦權條文 L.N. 385 of 1997 01/07/1997




條: 1 須在終審法院繳付的費用 L.N. 385 of 1997 01/07/1997

(1) 附表指明的費用,須就在終審法院進行的上訴並就所指明的事項而繳付。

(2) 司法常務官如在任何個案中認為合適,可削減、免除或延遲收取任何費用;而凡司法常務


條: 2 繳費方法 L.N. 385 of 1997 01/07/1997


條: 3 對特區政府適用 L.N. 385 of 1997 01/07/1997


條: 4 關乎《2009年香港終審法院費用(修訂)規則》的過渡性條 文

L.N. 16 of 2009; L.N. 18 of 2009




(a) 修訂規則的任何條文,並不就該項訟費評定而適用;及

(b) 在緊接修訂規則生效前有效的附表中編號5及6的費用,繼續就該項訟費評定而適用,




* 生效日期:2009年4月2日。

附表: 附表 L.N. 16 of 2009; L.N. 18 of 2009





1 將下述文件送交存檔─

說明 費用


484B - 《香港終審法院費用規則》 1

(a) 上訴許可申請 1045

(b) 任何其他原訴申請 1045

(c) 上訴通知 2090

2 (a) 登記處以打字形式印出的文件文本,每頁 36

(b) 額外文本,每頁 4

3 (a) 登記處提供的文件影印本,每頁 4

(b) 影印圖書館的書本,每頁 4

4 在登記處翻查─

(a) 上訴登記冊 18

(b) 每份參閱或所需的文件 18

5 根據藉《香港終審法院規則》(第484章,附屬法例A)第57條適用



足$100的款額─ (2009年第16號法律公告)

(a) 最初的$100000 6

(b) 其次的$150000 4

(c) 其次的$250000 3

(d) 餘額 1

6 在根據藉《香港終審法院規則》(第484章,附屬法例A)第57條適 假若訟費單全數

用的《高等法院規則》(第4章,附屬法例A)第62號命令第21A(1) 獲准予便須支付

條規則提出排期進行訟費評定的申請後7日內,撤回訟費單 的評定費的10%,

(2009年第16號法律公告) 或$1000,以較低


7 文件由司法常務官認證 125


484B - 《香港終審法院費用規則》 2

No data available.

WIPO Lex No. HK043