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Law of Georgia No. 1636 of December 7, 2017, on Amendments to the Law on Trademarks

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Year of Version 2017 Dates Entry into force: December 14, 2017 Adopted: December 7, 2017 Type of Text Main IP Laws Subject Matter Trademarks, IP Regulatory Body

Available Texts Main text(s) Main text(s) Georgian საქართველოს კანონი „სასაქონლო ნიშნების შესახებ“ საქართველოს კანონში ცვლილების შეტანის თაობაზე, N1636-რს, 7 დეკემბერი 2017 წ PDF HTML
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Law of Georgia No. 1795-IIS of February 5, 1999, on Trademarks (as amended up to Law No. 3054 of July 5, 2018) (GE058)

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