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Patent Law, 5727-1967 (consolidated version of 2014)

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Year of Version 2014 Dates Entry into force: April 1, 1968 Adopted: August 8, 1967 Type of Text Main IP Laws Subject Matter Patents (Inventions), Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, IP Regulatory Body Notes This version of the Patent Law incorporates all the amendments since its enactment to 2014.

Available Texts Main text(s) Main text(s) Hebrew חוק הפטנטים, תשכ"ז-1967 PDF HTML English Patent Law, 5727-1967 (consolidated version of 2014) PDF HTML
Related Legislation Supersedes (2 text(s)) Supersedes (2 text(s))
Patents Law, 5727-1967 (as amended in 1995) (IL030)
Patents Law, 5727-1967 (IL001)
Is amended by (4 text(s)) Is amended by (4 text(s))
Designs Law, 5777-2017  (IL118)
Patent Law (Amendment No. 10), 5775-2012  (IL036)
Patents (Regulation of Israeli Patent Authority under the PCT), Amendment Law No. 9, 5771-2011  (IL037)
Law to Amend Intellectual Property Laws (Modifications to Implement the Provisions of the TRIPS Agreement), 5760-1999  (IL025)
Is implemented by (7 text(s)) Is implemented by (7 text(s))
Patents Regulations (Office Practice, Rules of Procedure, Documents and Fees), 5728-1968 (as amended up to January 16, 2019) (IL117)
Patents Regulations (Office Practice, Rules of Procedure, Documents and Fees), 5728-1968 (as amended on October 21, 2015) (IL113)
Patent Order (Determination of Enterprises and Institutions for the purpose of section 137 of the Law), 5728-1968 (IL054)
Patent Regulations (Extension of Period of Protection-Procedures for Application for an Order, for Opposition to an Order and for Application for Cancellation), 5758-1998 (consolidated version of 2014) (IL051)
Patent (Application of the Patent Cooperation Treaty) Regulations, 1996 (as amended up to June 1, 2012) (IL050)
Patent Regulations (Application of the Patent Cooperation Treaty), 5756-1996 (IL048)
Patents (Jurisdiction of District Court at Tel Aviv Yafo) Order, 5729-1969 (IL003)

Historical Versions Repeals (1 text(s)) Repeals (1 text(s))
Patents and Designs Ordinance 1926 (as amended up to June 16, 2008) (IL115)

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