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(Photo: Courtesy of the Library of Congress, Washington D.C., USA)

Film scholar identifies first copyrighted movie

In the summer of 2022, Claudy Op den Kamp, a film and intellectual property scholar solved a longstanding mystery when she identified the first U.S. motion picture ever copyrighted, Edison’s “The Blacksmith Shop.”

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Together We Can: Approaches to Empowering Women in IP

Hear from WIPO’s high-powered IP and Gender Team about how WIPO and its partners are working to narrow the gender gap in intellectual property and innovation and how we all stand to benefit from this important drive.

(Photo: Dilok Klaisapataporn / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Colombia’s El Bosque University gears up its technology transfer capabilities with IP

In 2019, El Bosque University ramped up efforts to develop a dynamic innovation system and a global leader in IP management within the academic sector. Its approach is already yielding benefits with technology transfer opportunities on the rise.

(Photo: WIPO/ Pierre Albouy)

Is an international agreement on IP, genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge finally in sight?

International agreement on IP, genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge finally in sight with decision to hold a diplomatic conference by 2024. Next steps and the high-level policy conundrum negotiators need to unravel.

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