Madrid System Success Story: Hatsune Miku – Giving Creativity a Voice Beyond the Physical Realm

December 5, 2023

Japanese tech company, Crypton Future Media (“Crypton”), came into the world spotlight when it released its singing voice synthesizer software (a software that enables users to synthesize human singing by typing in lyrics and a melody) and virtual singer, “Hatsune Miku”. As Hatsune Miku’s global popularity grew, so too did Crypton’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

Crypton Future Media's virtual singer Hatsune Miku performing on stage

WIPO’s Madrid System – Crypton’s strongest ally abroad

Thanks to WIPO’s Madrid System, Crypton has been able to fend off competitors threatening to misuse its IP assets abroad, by securing international trademark protection of Hatsune Miku in multiple target markets, in an easy and cost-effective way.

We need to protect our brand in many countries and regions. The Madrid System has made it extremely simple for us to do this by filing a single application for an international trademark registration. The System is a big help to smaller companies like Crypton, saving us time and money. Any entrepreneur contemplating registering a trademark domestically should seriously consider making simultaneous use of the Madrid System.


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