HAVIT Smart Devices – Embracing Technology and Enjoying Life

Founded in the 1990’s, Chinese electronics company Guangzhou HAVIT Technology Co., Ltd. started out life as a floppy disk manufacturer. Over the following years, the company was to go through many revolutions, successfully adapting to new consumer trends and technological developments, and continuously diversifying its product line to meet ever-changing demands.

From computer hardware to smart devices

With the advent of the Internet, and the resulting surge in market demand for computer hardware, HAVIT Technology – under the innovative vision of CEO, Li Wanping – started designing and producing keyboards and mice, gradually moving into more advanced gaming equipment such as RGB loudspeaker boxes, gaming chairs, and more. Then came wireless headphones, smartwatches, and other smart life and home electronics products.

Man wearing HAVIT headband headphones while working out
(Photo: HAVIT Technology)

Today, HAVIT Technology integrates product development, large-scale production, and independent marketing. It is selling its products in more than 100 countries and is fast establishing itself as a household name in smart audio devices in China and abroad.

"Our mission is to provide innovative technology to all our customers across the globe, helping them to have fun."

HAVIT Technology

Expanding HAVIT Technology into new international markets

Pushing boundaries with China’s accession to WTO

In the company’s early years, trade was very much confined to domestic borders. Then, in 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization and – almost overnight – new doors started to open up. HAVIT Technology – like so many other national companies – leapt at the chance of expanding into new international markets. It began to take part in international trade fairs and exhibitions, getting invaluable exposure to a completely new network of overseas customers.

Brand identity and trademark protection key for HAVIT Technology

With business booming, it was time to think about brand identity and trademark protection and, by 2003, HAVIT Technology had registered its first national trademark, “HAVIT”, through the China Trademark Office. Popularity of the brand continued to grow and, realizing the huge potential and value of “HAVIT”, the company began paving a path towards the international arena, filing an application for an international trademark registration under WIPO’s Madrid System in 2010.

Today, the company has a portfolio of five active international trademark registrations.

HAVIT Technology’s winning brands

Two key brands – both protected internationally through WIPO’s Madrid System – drive innovative development at HAVIT Technology.

HAVIT – consumer electronics

“HAVIT” – international registration number 1050982 – is a comprehensive consumer electronics brand. The name is a combination of the words “Have” and It”. The brand’s tagline, “Have it, Have fun” stems from this, mirroring the company’s philosophy of “embracing technology and enjoying life”.

A range of HAVIT’s audio products including ear buds, charging cases and headphones
(Photo: HAVIT Technology)


HAVIT logo

"'Have' is a verb intended to empower everyone with the courage to own, try, explore the unknown, break free from conventions, and break through imagination.

The 'It' is a semantic pun. It represents not only the product that gives us courage, but also advanced and innovative Information Technology."

HAVIT Technology


HAKII – Smart fitness devices and sports headphones

The brand “HAKII” – international registration number 1490099 – is committed to creating a “smart x sports” lifestyle experience for young people in particular. It offers a wide range of smart wearable audio devices, from wireless earbuds to headband headphones and sports sunglasses, all designed to provide comfort and a high-quality listening experience.

HAKII sports headphones and sunglasses
(Photo: HAVIT Technology)

Using air-directed sound transmission technology, the HAKII headband headphones let runners, for example, listen to music and still hear surrounding environmental noise clearly – all the pleasure, less of the risk.

HAVIT Technology’s international trademark portfolio also includes the trademark “H”, registered in 2019 (international registration number 1482549).

Havit's H logo

"It is very convenient for us to show this stylized and simplified logo on our wearable accessories or the charging displays of our devices. Its fluid lines reflect the aerodynamic design of our products. And, H also happens to be the initial letter of both HAVIT and HAKII!"

HAVIT Technology

The Madrid System – an attractive trademark registration solution for SMEs

So, why does a small and medium-sized enterprise such as HAVIT Technology register its trademarks through WIPO’s Madrid System?

Global brand coverage

Geographical coverage is certainly one of the most appealing features! Between them, the company’s five active international trademark registrations have protection in some 100 of the 130 countries currently covered by WIPO’s international trademark system. HAVIT Technology has been able to target all continents, with a particularly high penetration in Asia and Europe.

"The WIPO Madrid System plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth access to international markets. It has gradually become the propeller of our international expansion strategy, helping us to leap from the Chinese stage to the world stage. It has helped us make our brands stronger and to implement an innovation-driven development strategy globally."
HAVIT Technology

Cost efficient international trademark protection

The considerably lower cost of international trademark protection is not to be overlooked!

“It’s much cheaper than registering for a trademark in each country”, say HAVIT Tehnology. “And the more countries you designate, the more money you save! Reduced costs are very important for small and medium-sized enterprises like HAVIT. The cost of registering a trademark in one category in a single country can be as high as tens of thousands of RMB (One Chinese Yuan = 0.14 US dollars).”

Convenient single trademark application process

The Madrid System offers a convenient, fast and simple application procedure, ideal for companies with fewer legal resources. It is enough to file a single application in one language (English, French or Spanish), and with one set of fees, to obtain protection in all or any of the 130 countries covered by the System.

“We can centrally manage and renew our international trademark registrations online. It’s very easy and efficient!”
HAVIT Technology.

Tip! Use eMadrid to file and manage your international trademark portfolio centrally in up to 130 countries.

What next for HAVIT Technology?

Using international trademark protection to extend brand recognition

With such strong foundations firmly in place, HAVIT Technology is now setting its sights on brand development in five new target markets, namely Brazil, the Russian Federation, Türkiye, the United States of America, and Viet Nam. The company intends to take full advantage of the Madrid System in order to access these high-potential markets, further extending the already widespread recognition of its brands.

"The Madrid System has really empowered us and is helping us achieve widespread brand coverage and providing us with solid protection worldwide."
HAVIT Technology

Enhancing smart devices with augmented reality to increase customer loyalty

On the technology front, the company plans next to integrate Augmented Reality technology – speech recognition, gesture interaction, voice assistance, physical fitness monitoring, and more – into its smart devices. This will not only enable it to cover an even wider market but also stay true to its philosophy, providing more and more customers across the globe with innovative technology helping them have fun!

You can find out more about HAVIT Technology’s international trademark registrations in Madrid Monitor available under eMadrid.

More about the Madrid System

The Madrid System is a convenient and cost-effective solution for registering trademarks in up to 130 countries by filing one application and paying one set of fees.

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