JI YUE: Redefining Electric Vehicle Design with AI Innovation

Welcome to the world of JI YUE, the distinguished automotive brand by Jidu Auto. With a user-centric design approach and strategic use of the Hague System, it leads the way in pioneering, sustainable mobility solutions. Home to the Ji Yue 01, the first AI-powered smart electric vehicle released by JI YUE, it redefines the automotive landscape where design meets innovation.

The interior of the Ji Yue 01 features a minimalist and futuristic design
The interior of the Ji Yue 01 features a minimalist and futuristic design. (Photo: JI YUE)

AI-driven smart electric vehicles by Baidu and Geely

Established in 2021, JI YUE emerged from the collaboration between two Chinese industry giants: Baidu, a technology company renowned for its advancements in artificial intelligence, and Geely, a globally recognized car manufacturer.

JI YUE, which means "concentration," symbolizes a dedicated commitment to crafting exceptional vehicles. Indeed, the core of the company’s mission is its ambition to create human-centric, smart robotic electric vehicles, harnessing AI technology for learning and progression.

Design powered by innovation

In October 2023, JI YUE released its first model, the Ji Yue 01, a mid-size electric crossover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) equipped with an impressive array of sensors and numerical tools dedicated to environmental analysis. In terms of design, it streamlines unnecessary hardware components both externally and internally compared to conventional vehicles. For instance, the handle-free doors are fully voice-controlled and activated. The interior showcases a futuristic and minimalist passenger cabin with features such as a U-shaped retractable steering wheel and a 35.6-inch display running across the entire width of the cockpit.

On October 27th, 2023, JI YUE unveiled its flagship AI-powered electric vehicle, the Ji Yue 01, during a brand event held in Shanghai, China. (Photo: JI YUE)

To power the design, Ji Yue 01 encapsulates a technological marvel akin to a spaceship, featuring 11 high-definition cameras, 12 ultrasonic radar sensors, and 5 millimeter-wave radar sensors. Whether navigating city streets, cruising on the highway, or executing intricate parking maneuvers, the Ji Yue 01 excels at autonomously handling a diverse range of driving tasks through "PPA" (Point to Point Autopilot). The battery, with a range of up to 720 km, owes its efficiency to the vehicle’s sleek shape that minimizes wind resistance, ranking among the lowest in the SUV segment.

Last but not least, upon request from buyers, the Ji Yue 01 may be ordered with ethically sourced materials like aluminum, PET recycled textiles, and bio leather, underscoring a commitment to an animal-free and environmentally friendly approach.

The interior of the Ji Yue 01
The interior of the Ji Yue 01. (Photo: JI YUE)

Our approach to design thinking is deeply rooted in understanding the needs and preferences of our users. We meticulously analyze market trends and competitor strategies, guiding us to focus on crucial aspects such as advanced technology, sustainability, safety, and comfort.

Frank Wu, Head of Design at JI YUE

A dynamic user-centric approach

User experience is the cornerstone of JI YUE’s design philosophy, with a focus on crafting innovative products that offer comfort, customization, and interactive experiences. The company is committed to exploring new manufacturing techniques to create products that are not only lighter and stronger but also more sustainable. This forward-looking approach acknowledges that the future of automotive design extends beyond aesthetics, emphasizing safety, reliability, and environmental impact.

JI YUE’s design thinking process begins with brainstorming sessions, generating ideas for product features, functions, and experiences that meet user needs and preferences. This leads to the creation of various prototypes, from scale models to digital simulations, which are then tested and refined to ensure the highest quality and user experience. Continuous adaptation occurs through new insights and customer feedback to maintain a product edge in the dynamic marketplace. A vocal feedback functionality has been incorporated within the vehicle through SIMO, Ji Yue's virtual assistant. Users can simply say, 'SIMO, I want to provide feedback,' enabling them to share suggestions and prompt adjustments in the manufacturing process.

In the Ji Yue 01, users can manage various vehicle functions through voice interaction with its AI partner, SIMO. Whether you're inside the vehicle or nearby, simply say 'SIMO' to give commands such as opening the trunk or adjusting settings. (Photo: JI YUE)

Safeguarding designs with the Hague System

Balancing open innovation with protecting design assets can be a delicate dance for any industry. On the one hand, open innovation brings fresh ideas and potential for breakthroughs. On the other hand, protecting design assets is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and safeguarding intellectual property. In terms of design protection, JI YUE relies on the Hague System to safeguard its creative assets on a global scale. This decision stems from various strategic considerations.

First, the Ji Yue 01 has been available for sale in China since October 2023. As the brand expands its operations internationally, it seeks comprehensive protection for its designs across multiple jurisdictions to deter unauthorized replication and maintain its competitive edge. By leveraging the Hague System through numerous international registrations, JI YUE can efficiently secure design rights in numerous countries through a single application process, streamlining administrative procedures and reducing costs associated with individual filings.

Furthermore, registering designs under the Hague System provides JI YUE with robust legal recourse against potential infringers, reinforcing its ability to enforce intellectual property rights and uphold brand integrity. Ultimately, by proactively engaging with this system, JI YUE demonstrates its commitment to preserving the uniqueness and value of its design innovations on a global scale.

Design protection provides us with a sense of security and recognition for our creative work. The confidence that our designs are legally safeguarded empowers us to push the boundaries of innovation, knowing that our efforts will be rewarded and respected in the marketplace.

Frank Wu

About the Hague System

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