WIPO-Administered Treaties

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NoNotification TitleTreatyNotification Date
No 44Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs
Hague AgreementJuly 3, 2000
No 17Applicability of Chapter IIPatent Cooperation TreatyJanuary 6, 1978
No 14Entry Into ForcePatent Cooperation TreatyOctober 31, 1977
No 6Accession of the Republic of ChadPatent Cooperation TreatyFebruary 18, 1974
No 30Accession of the Republic of Chad to the Stockholm ActBerne ConventionAugust 25, 1971
No 26Accession to the Convention by the Republic of ChadWIPO ConventionJune 26, 1970
No 24Accession to the Stockholm Act by the Republic of ChadParis ConventionJune 26, 1970