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Conhecimentos tradicionais e propriedade intelectual

Nota informativa N° 1

Publication year: 2016


Accessible Books Consortium:

Bringing books to persons with print disabilities

O Consórcio de Livros Acessíveis (ABC) é uma aliança que inclui a OMPI, organizações ao serviço de pessoas com dificuldades de leitura de material impresso, e organizações que representam autores e editores.

Publication year: 2014



Produtos autênticos

Publication year: 2011


Sistema de Propriedade Intelectual e as Pequenas e Médias Empresas no Brasil

The study analyses the use made by the enterprise sector of the different mechanisms offered by the intellectual property rights system and, in particular, by small and medium-sized enterprises in Brazil. The study concerns the analysis of the enterprise competitive scope, its link to the national innovation system and the policies and programs designed and implemented to favor the competitiveness levels with special emphasis, through the promotion of innovation and creativity activities, and the use of the intellectual property system. A central objective of the study is to identify the main barriers that can prevent or obstruct the effective use of intellectual property rights so as to provide the necessary elements for policy-making in this area. The study also includes a quantitative analysis on the use of the system as well as actual case studies of intellectual property rights use on the part of small and medium-sized Brazilian enterprises.

Publication year: 2006


A Beleza Exterior

Publication year: 2005